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We appreciate and are grateful for any financial support, for most of the things we are doing are only possible because of your help and support. Furthermore, we are desiring for you to become partners instead of remaining anonymous donors – partners that stand with us in the vision and prayer as well as in what we are doing. You are most welcome to visit with us in Lüdenscheid and get to know us one-on-on.

If you wish, we are happy to send you reports and up-to-date news of the various branches – locally and internationally. And we want to bless you by praying for you. Please let us know if you have any specific prayer request. We want to move on with you side by side.

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  16. Please use the donation form from the HELP Website to donate for HELP International.
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Bank Accounts

Bank Accounts
Sparkasse Lüdenscheid:
IBAN: DE64 4585 0005 0000 0251 30
Bank Accounts
FCJG Prayer Mountain
Sparkasse Lüdenscheid:
IBAN: DE82 4585 0005 0000 1982 42
Bank Accounts
FCJG Horizon
Sparkasse Lüdenscheid:
IBAN: DE47 4585 0005 0000 3458 27
Bank Accounts
FCJG City Mission / Kids
Sparkasse Lüdenscheid:
IBAN: DE30 4585 0005 0000 0265 18
Bank Accounts
Sparkasse Lüdenscheid:
IBAN: DE65 4585 0005 0000 0213 29
Bank Accounts
FCJG Rehab Center - House Wiedenhof
Sparkasse Lüdenscheid:
IBAN: DE47 4585 0005 0000 0301 89
HELP International Bank Accounts you find here.


How secure is my data?
Our online donation form is secured with the latest SSL encoding transmission. Thus sensitive data, i.e. your bank details, cannot be seen by anyone during the transmission process.

Will I get a receipt confirmation?
Only seconds after you transmitted your online donation, you receive a confirmation that pops up on your screen. In addition, we are confirming the receipt of your online donation by eMail if you ticked the appropriate box in the form.

Will I receive a donation receipt?
The fiscal authorities are regularly checking our books and we are registered as a tax-deductible organization. In the first quarter of each year we are sending out donation receipts covering donations of the previous year. The donation receipts are automatically generated by our system, however, they can only be sent out if name and address of the donors have been correctly given to us.

What is IBAN?
IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is an international account number system. It contains an international part – the country code and the country’s ID number – as well as a nationally defined component. With regards to German account numbers, this number includes a combination of the German bank ID code and the German account number. The length of the IBAN depends on the country that you are living in. In Germany, IBAN contains 22 digits.

What is a creditor ID number in a debit advice?
Every company and every organization working partaking in the debit advice system needs to be registered and is assigned with a specific ID number. You find this ID number on your bank statement after your donation has been debited. FCJG’s creditor ID number is: DE59ZZZ00001371360.
HELP’s creditor ID number is: .....

What is a mandate reference in a debit advice?
The mandate reference is being given out by the recipient of payment (FCJG and HELP) and is assigned individually to every donor. By means of the creditor’s ID number and the mandate reference one can clearly identify the donor. FCJG and HELP International are sending you a mandate reference number in a pre-notification by eMail.

What means „pre-notification“ when carrying out a debit advice?
Pre-notification means you as donor will be notified in good time so that you know in advance when the donation you are making will be debited to your account.
Depending on when you have made your online donation, you will receive a pre-notification by eMail or mail latest 7 days in advance to the due-date of your donation which mentions also the exact amount you are donating. We are obliged by law to send pre-notifications containing all important details regarding your debit advice.

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