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»But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.«

The Bibel in Matthew 6:33 (NIV)

The Free Christian Youth Community (FCJG) has its roots in the revival of the hippie and later the Jesus People Movement of the 70s. It has always been our highest aim to make Jesus known everywhere – and this hasn’t changed to this day. Because Jesus encountered us and radically changed our lives, we are determined to lay our lives down for him and him alone. This passion for Jesus and for the kingdom of God inevitably draws us to go to the people. Thus we are found in the streets and go to the ends of the earth in order to preach and proclaim the Good News of Jesus anywhere – in word and deed. We are making God’s love tangible by means of mercy ministries in Germany and abroad and minister to people in need and held in bondage.

As community we are living together with different generations and share our lives. We love to invest into people – especially into the next generation of children and youth. As for our lives and ministry, the word of God is always our standard.

We are seeking unity among the body of Christ, thus we are serving individuals as well as churches by means of equipping and training as well as through discipleship. This happens in our interdenominational conferences, seminars and the different Worship Service as well as our national and international REVIVAL SCHOOLs.

Prayer and worship are strong pillars in our lives with God. In everything we do, we are determined that only the power of the Holy Spirit makes things work. Therefore we are always reaching out for the supernatural move of God. It’s a joy to us to live a life of sanctification in God’s presence.

All for His glory, all for His kingdom!




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