We are a colorful crew, from all parts of Germany and beyond. We love to invest in people and to see that they get into their calling and above all that they meet their God again and again. Each of us carries something different and that is what makes our team. So, curtain up for the REVIVAL SCHOOL team:

Andreas is our principal. 2009 he came to Lüdenscheid with his wife Hanna, with a burning heart for evangelism. And he loves to pass this fire on. His teachings are always nourishing and challenging and he never misses an opportunity to preach the gospel on the streets. Hanna and he now have two sweet kids with whom they live in Lüdenscheid on the prayer mountain. Besides Jesus and his family he has a passion for good chocolate and good coffee.

"It's a privilege to go!" - A phrase that Luise coined and lives by at the school. She is the leader of the REVIVAL SCHOOL on the Move and in the leadership of the whole community. 2009 she came to the school to go on mission and has been in the Philippines for 5 years. Now she continues to give what she has experienced and what her heart is burning for, to set others in motion and experience what is possible when we say yes to God. Traveling has always been one of her favorite activities, also to discover good new cafes and enjoy nature.

David and Jeannine Specht - 10 years ago, they left the Swiss countryside for one year to come to the Revival School. God spoke, and with their two young girls they ventured to the Philippines to be missionaries at the Father’s house! This year, God called them to Germany to be part of the Revival School staff team. The Spechts are not only parents to Lena and Jael, but spiritual parents and a Father and Mother of faith, and role models of how to live as a family on the mission field! ‘Everything is possible with the Holy Spirit’ is their life motto, they not only declare it, but LIVE IT. They enrich the school simply by being who they are, with all the spectacular gifts that ooze out of them - that always point the way to Jesus. The Spechts are truly an invaluable asset to our staff team!

"Everything is possible for whom believes!" This is a truth from the bible that Arion carries, lives and loves to pass on. His concern is to train people exactly in this and to lead them into a lifestyle of faith. And that includes everything - finances, healing, evangelism... He is actually Swiss and his heart beats for Europe. Otherwise he likes to be on the road to discover beautiful places, to take pictures and he never says no to a good steak.

"With the Holy Spirit into the harvest" - that was the motto that attracted Lydia to the school in 2013 and that describes her heart and her vision. She loves to evangelize prophetically and to share the good news in a creative way. Her heart also beats totally for discipleship and leading people into freedom and independence with the Holy Spirit. In her spare time she loves to creatively spend time with pencils, walking and decorating.

A practitioner with a heart - Christoph describes this quite well. He has all the practical things in his head and can also implement almost everything. At the same time he carries fire to preach the gospel and to lead people into the fatherhood of God. In his original way his teachings hit the nail on the head and he is always open for an adventure with God. He uses his free time for documentaries, music and good, home-cooked food.

When it comes to nations, Tanja is also on fire. She has been living in the mission in Asia for several years now and is preparing to go to India for the long term. Her heart burns for the lost and she loves to take the students with her on missions, whether in our city or at the end of the earth. She also always brings a good mood and an encouraging word. Tanja is always available for a coffee and for activities and good times with friends.

Melody joined our staff team in 2020. She has done the Revival School and Revival School on the Move and is now preparing to go on a long-term mission. The school enriches is enriched with her investment in the community life and her love for the Word of God, which she shares with others. Prayer is also on her heart and she loves to lead people into creative worship and evangelism. She is always available for a road trip, preferably with good cafés as her destination and in the company of cool people.

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