The greatest treasure in this world are people! Looking at FCJG Lüdenscheid, the first thing you see is people – each one of them unique in their manner and calling. As we emphasize community lifestyle, we live together in smaller or larger units. We come from very different backgrounds and nations representing several generations. Together we have one goal:
To worship Jesus, to proclaim the gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit and to share our lives!

The FCJG, founded in 1976, is a fellowship that combines community life and ministry. We have one goal locally, nationally and internationally: To make Jesus known everywhere! The FCJG (Free Christian Youth Fellowship) was started in the middle of the 70's out of the Jesus people movement. Walter and Irene Heidenreich joined in 1977 and moved into leadership after a short time. Over the past decades, FCJG has developed into an active, interdenominational faith and missions movement. Besides the ministry in Lüdenscheid there are also well established ministries in other countries, especially in Asia, which are supervised by HELP International.


The FCJG exists for 4 decades now. In January 2012 - once again - we experienced a season of renewal through the Spirit of God, that brought fundamental and profound changes – a time to let go and pass on to the next generation. With it came a change of leadership. First a team of eight took over leadership of the FCJG. A precious time of training began, in which we got to know each other in new ways. We emphasized on knowing others in the Spirit, finding out about their giftings and callings. This way, everyone found their place. Also, we recognized the leadership team for the coming years being Petra Feddersen & Birgit Janke.


Birgi und Petra II 

Project associations

In all of this, the gospel of Jesus Christ, his grace and love are our foundation. This is reflected in the community lifestyle of FCJG as well as the assignment to meet the needs of those living in poverty and bondage. Our experience: The power of the only living and loving God still brings hope to people today!

The FCJG consists of multiple project associations, which are all part of FCJG Dachverband e.V. (FCJG holding association):
- FCJG House Wiedenhof
 (Drug Rehab)
- FCJG City Missions
- FCJG School
- FCJG Kingdom Ministries
- HELP International e.V.

Our Goals




Evangelism & Missions

Discipleship, Training & School

Young people
Community life

The different Worship Service


Whether at our morning devotions, at the Different Worship Service, at training sessions, events or in our everyday life: worship is at the very center. He is just worth it! When we look at our lives and on Jesus' great work for us, we are filled with gratitude and love. We want to express this – with music, words and deeds. Our creativity to do so has (nearly) no limitations.


Right from the start FCJG has been promoting unity within the body of Christ just as much as helping people and proclaiming the gospel. This comes out in different ways, e.g. in house churches, on the prayer mountain for the nations, in national and international networks, in cooperations with interdenominational networks and the Ev. Allianz (protestant alliance organization).


In the FCJG, nothing happens without prayer! It has always been like this...and will continue this way. The expression of this heart is manifested in the prayer mountain for the nations with the connected house of prayer. The house is open day and night for Christians of all denominations and inviting people to personal prayer.

Evangelism & Missions

Sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with people, praying for them and helping them in practical ways – this is our assignment! In House Wiedenhof we offer therapy and aftercare for former drug addicts. Our guests experience deliverance of addiction and bondages through the power of God, so they can find their place in job and society.

„Those who belong nowhere, belong to us!“ No matter when, no matter, where... Evangelism is part of our everyday life. We have personally experienced the love of Jesus and he has given us the assignment to care for the lonely, the grieving, the homeless, the lost etc. This is our motivation.
What we do in Lüdenscheid, we also do in our international ministries – among adults, children and teenagers. Many of those who had been addicts or needy are mature men and women of God today, great coworkers in the kingdom of God.

Discipleship, Training & School

Whoever wants to make an impact, needs guidance and equipping. For this reason there is REVIVAL SCHOOL – a flexible school program. The school year breaks up into three terms with different emphasis each. Whatever the emphasis – worship, life in the Spirit, evangelism and mission are always part of it.

Attending the REVIVAL SCHOOL is obligatory for those who want to be long term staff in the international ministries of HELP International e.V.

Young People

We have worked with children and teenagers for over 20 years. Our goal is to teach them about the Good News of the love of Jesus and about Christian values. We want to support them to become unique personalities. They are hungry for the love of God and want to be used in the kingdom of God. Also they want to experience the supernatural – as it is reported in the Bible. We frequently organize training sessions, conferences, events and camps for young people. As they see many others who follow Jesus with passion, love and devotion, they identify and become keen to see more.

Community Life

Singles, couples and families live together in units to share everyday life. In all of this, the center is Jesus and his command to love one another as he has loved us, to love our neighbor as ourselves. This is what draws many people. Often, guests will come to chat, play, have a cup of coffee, to help or to just be around people.

The Different Worship Service

For more than 30 years we have been celebrating the Different Worship Service every Saturday night at the Wiedenhof hall. Thousands have been touched by God, have given their lives to him, have received physical and inner healing at these services. People have experienced the power of the Holy Spirit, have been delivered and restored. The Different Worship Service is interdenominational. It is for everyone! You can also find us on the Lüdenscheid city website.
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