How we live

Everyone has a God-given calling, which we want to discover together! We live together with about 20 people like a big family and share our everyday life with each other, through which trust and comfort grow. Wounds from the past are processed, and freedom comes through forgiveness and healing. People learn to take responsibility for their lives and discover their identity as children of God. All this happens through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Daily Program

• Devotions
• Working time together
• Shared meal times
• Group activities
• Individual free time activities
• Personal study times based on the Bible
• Sports

Working Areas 

• Janitorial service
• Car garage
• Gardening and animal care (chickens)
• Kitchen
• Laundry
• House cleaning and creative work


Beyond our everyday live in the rehab, we are part of the FCJG community and are actively involved in worship services, family nights, trainings and teachings, events, and evangelistic outreaches.
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