Our Commitment

This place is a house of deliverance, a Father’s house, where broken people who are captive in bondage, without hope coming from drug addiction and trying to handle life crisis, experience true sonship with their heavenly Father. Everyone has an individual and divine calling, which we want to see released so that people walk in their destiny.
We are living in family-like structures. Security and trust are important, in order to provide fertile ground for people to take responsibility for one’s life and to prosper in developing an own identity and maturity. All of this is only possible by the power of the Holy Spirit working in us.


• Devotions
• Working time
• Meal times
• Group activities
• Private leisure time
• Personal bible studies
• Sports

Areas of Work

• Caretaking
• Car Workshop
• Wood Workshop
• Gardening and taking care of chicken
• Cooking
• Laundry
• General household duties and creativity


Beyond our everyday duties in the rehab, we are part of the FCJG community and are actively involved in worship services, community gatherings, family nights, training and teaching, events and evangelistic outreaches.

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