We are the Wiedenhof team! Some of us have been in this precious ministry for decades, others of us have only recently joined. What unites us is our love for God and people. We want to see that everyone who lives at Wiedenhof has a daily encounter with the transforming love and power of God ... as we have experienced it.

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Richard Ehrenberg

Even as a child, I always wanted to help the weaker and had a heart for the lost. Unfortunately, I set the course for the wrong paths early on, which led me into addiction, crime and depression. After 10 years of addiction and bondage, I ended up at Wiedenhof in November 2012, where I went through 2 years of rehab and aftercare. I have now been part of the Wiedenhof team since May 2015 and in leadership since 2019. I get to help people get to know Jesus and live with Him. I can't imagine a better place for me right now. God is great!

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Katja Schulz

When I graduated as a physical therapist in 1993, I already knew that God was calling me into full-time ministry for Him. I attended what is now FCJG Revival School in 1995 and found that my heart was for lost, broken people and mercy ministry. So in 1997, I completed an internship at Haus Wiedenhof, FCJG's drug rehab. From the first day, I felt right at home, felt that I had landed in the right place, and have actually been a staff member since 1998. There is hardly anything more beautiful than to accompany people without perspective and seeking help on their way, to get to know their Father in heaven, to get well and to discover together perspective and vocation for their lives. That is brilliant! I have been part of the management of the Wiedenhof since 2013.

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Martin Pfister

Before I met Jesus and came to Wiedenhof House, my life consisted of taking drugs, partying, and chasing happiness. After eleven years of addiction, I ended up at Wiedenhof completely broken. God sovereignly intervened and began to restore me. After 2.5 years, I not only experienced healing for myself, but the desire grew within me to pass on what I had received. I want to see people become free and know God as Father. God who set me free from rejection, self-hatred and "fear of life" wants to do the same for many more. And I am happy to be able to be there live!

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Ute Knobloch

Praying is my passion. My heart beats for people who have not experienced value in life. To accompany them on their way to the Father and to see how His love gives them value and they become a new creation is simply wonderful. I also met the Father here at Wiedenhof, became healthy and after an internship I became a staff member in 2021.

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