The Spirit of the Lord God is upon this house, because the Lord has anointed this house to bring good news to the poor, to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to those who are bound; to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.

Isaiah 61:1-2

That is our mandate, our vision:

People who are hurt, hopeless, trapped in drugs and other addictions experience in the Father's house healing and restoration through the love of God and receive new perspective and hope for their lives. We live together like one big family, sharing our daily life with each other, which consists of devotions, working times, personal talks and free time activities. This results in a feeling of security and trust. Wounds from the past are worked through with staff members, through forgiveness and healing comes freedom.

Let us introduce ourselves:

Richard Ehrenberg
RichardEven as a child I always wanted to help those who were weaker and I had a heart for the lost. Unfortunately, I took the wrong path at an early age, which led me into addiction, crime, and depression. After 10 years of addiction and bondage I ended up at the Wiedenhof in November 2012, where I spent 2 years in rehab and aftercare. Since May 2015 I am now staff at the Wiedenhof and since 2019 I am part of the leadership. I am privileged to help people get to know Jesus and how to live with him. I can't imagine a better place for me at the moment. God is great!

Katja Schulz
When I completed my education as a physiotherapist in 1993, I already knew that God was calling me into full-time ministry for Him. In 1995 I attended the present-day Revival School of FCJG and realized that my heart beats for lost and broken people and mercy ministry. Thus in 1997 I did an internship at Haus Wiedenhof, the drug rehabilitation center of the FCJG. From the first day on I felt at home, knew that I had arrived at the right place and I have now been a staff member since 1998. There is almost nothing more beautiful than to support people, who are without perspective and in need of help, on their journey to get to know their Father in Heaven, in their recovery, and to discover perspective and calling for their life together. It is amazing! Since 2013 I am part of the leadership of the Wiedenhof.

Janina Konstanze Mahrt
JaninaAs an addict on the Dortmund drug scene, I had already lost and given up the relationship to myself many years ago. God totally transformed my inability to live and my hopelessness of that time. Today I am responsible for finances and accounting at Haus Wiedenhof and share my life as a beacon of hope with many more. I was able to experience complete restoration and can now radiate love and life through my new identity as a child of God.

Walter Widner

WalterWhen I came to the Wiedenhof in April 2015, after 10 years of drug addiction, I was given not only hope but also direction for my life. During the rehab, God did a lot in my heart and showed me which things I don't need (anymore) and can part with. Here in this house my new life was born, which I was able to discover together with the Holy Spirit. I am allowed to find out what talents and gifts the Father has put in me. After the rehab I joined the Wiedenhof as a staff member and now I am privileged to invest myself in my "birth home". It is so wonderful to serve and prosper with what you have been given by God. There is nothing more beautiful than to see people being changed by the Holy Spirit and to be a part of that.

Martin Pfister 

MartinBefore I met Jesus and came to Haus Wiedenhof, my life consisted of taking drugs, partying, and chasing happiness. After eleven years of addiction, I ended up at the Wiedenhof completely broken. God sovereignly intervened and began to restore me. After 2.5 years, I not only experienced healing for myself, but the desire grew within me to pass on what I had received. I want to see people be set free and come to know God as their Father. God who set me free from rejection, self-hatred and "fear of life" wants to do the same for many more. And I am happy to be able to be there for this!

Sandra Machek

SandraI love to see how Jesus can and will give new life when we give Him our old, broken one. I myself was at this point several years ago. I was desperately lost and wanted to clean up the mess that had accumulated in my life. But I had no idea where to start. In my despair, I found Jesus and experienced for myself how He can bring forth something beautiful from ashes. Out of gratitude and excitement about this, I am now privileged to support others in experiencing this miracle for themselves! Especially women with a similar background are very close to my heart. 

History of the house

In 1972 Pastor Paul Deitenbeck celebrated his birthday in the hotel "Haus Wiedenhof". At the same time, the first drug-related death in Lüdenscheid was discovered on the second floor of the hotel. Spontaneously, the birthday party becomes a prayer meeting for the rising drug crisis. This prayer was answered a short time later: A group of "Jesus-People", who were moved by the love of God, wanted to use the Wiedenhof to start a drug rehabilitation center. Thus, the hotel "Haus Wiedenhof" in Lüdenscheid was turned into a home for drug addicts. On October 19, 1975, the non-profit association "FCJG" was founded. The rehab work in the former hotel began in January 1976 with three couples as staff and four drug addicts. Walter and Irene Heidenreich moved into the Wiedenhof as staff in 1977 and took over the rehab ministry one year later. For 10 years they led and developed a rehab concept - Living with the Holy Spirit - that has proven its success to this day.

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