Arne Schulz

In 1989 I travelled from Kiel to the Drug Rehab „Haus Wiedenhof“ in Lüdenscheid.
My life was in a mess! I was unable to take responsibility for myself. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that 24 years later I would lead the Rehab.
Like most teenagers I loved loud music and enjoyed going to concerts. I now realise that my passion for worship was long established inside me. In those days i didn´t know who I was worshipping but nowadays I worship Jesus, my redeemer.
During my time as a civil servant I worked in a center for people with special needs. It was always important for me to help others, to do something worthwhile. God saw the desire of my heart and so he confirmed my calling – being there for other people and sharing what i have received from him.
In our community I am part of the worship team. My heart burns for Jesus. Nothing else in life is better than to praise the One who is worthy of all praise.

Katja Schulz

After finishing my time at the Bible School (now called School of the Holy Spirit) in 1997, I started voluntary work in „Haus Wiedenhof“. As a teenager I had two desires; one was to live in a convent and the other was to work as a development aid worker in Africa. I didn´t end up in either of these but I do live and work in „Haus Wiedenhof“, a place where people of many nations live together. And I am helping people in their development! I love helping people who are lost and without hope or structure in their lives. I love to help them discover their Father in heaven and to get to know him. And in doing so to receive healing and restoration and to capture their calling by gaining vision for their lives. That is amazing! Since 2013, my husband Arne and myself lead the work in „Haus Wiedenhof“.

Janina Konstanze Mahrt

For many years I was lost as a drug addict in the Dortmund Drug Scene. I had given up on myself, lost touch with my feelings. But God amazingly met me and turned my wasted, hopeless life around and got me back on my feet again. Today I am responsible for the bookkeeping and finances in „Haus Wiedenhof“. I love to share my life with others, bringing hope and love to many. When I was young I never wanted to loose my childhood. God restored my identity and called me his beloved child. I can be the real me, he restored my whole life.

Nina Schneider

I grew up in an alcoholic family. Early in my life I had a strong desire to be free. I looked into all sorts of forms and norms of life, only to discover how imprisoned my life was. I rebelled against authorities and regulations, getting addicted to alcohol and drugs. I was often violent and running into trouble with the police. I ended up in a psychiatric hospital and later on was sentenced to go to prison. At the lowest point in my life I resignated and became homeless, giving in to the addiction. I just wanted to be knocked out and numb. Then Jesus turned up and led me to „Hause Wiedenhof“, where I found a place to learn more about him. Today I know what real freedom means – my search has found an end in Jesus. Words can never describe this amazing gift.
Since April 2015 I have the privilege of being part of the Wiedenhof team. Now I can help people who are in bondage to find their way to freedom in Jesus.

Richard Ehrenberg

Even as a child I desired to help the weak and those who had lost their orientation in life. Unfortunately I made some bad choices while I was growing up, leading me into addiction, crime and depression. I ended up on the wrong side of the road. After 10 years I discovered „Haus Wiedenhof“ in 2012. I stayed in Rehab for two years. In May 2015 I had the opportunity to join the Wiedenhof team. I help people to get to know Jesus and how to follow him. I am responsible for the kitchen and I love it there. God is so amazing!


In 1972 pastor Paul Deitenbeck celebrated his birthday in the hotel „Haus Wiedenhof“. At the same time a drug addict was found dead on the second floor of the building. It was the first drug related death in Lüdenscheid. Spontaneously, the birthday party turned into a prayer meeting against the increasing drug problems. The prayer was answered after a short time: A group of „Jesus people“ , who were moved by the love of God, wanted to use the Wiedenhof to start a drug rehabilitation center. So the hotel „Haus Wiedenhof“ in Lüdenscheid became a home for drug addicts. The association „FCJG“ was founded on October 19th, 1975. The rehab in the former hotel started in January 1976 with three couples as staff and four drug addicts. In 1977 Walter and Irene moved in as staff and took over the rehab ministry one year later. Leading the ministry for ten years they developed a rehabilitation concept – living with the Holy Spirit – that has proved of value until today.
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