Dear friends,

As every year, we had our community days at the beginning of January. There we took time together to be in God's presence.

We had a special time in which we intensely experienced the work of the Holy Spirit. His power, his grace and his speaking were clear. During these days, he focused on gathering us together to intentionally spend time in his presence. Our gaze should be directed towards the cross: it is the center of our service and life.

Personally, but also as a community, we realize that the Holy Spirit wants to equip us for this time and what is to come. He wants to lead us into renewal so that things can be born anew. In order to create space for this, we have put the seminars, the Special Weeks and the EM Camp on the altar and will cancel these events this year.

However, you are welcome to attend our weekly church service on Saturdays at 7 p.m. in the Wiedenhof or to visit our prayer mountain in Lüdenscheid. It is also possible to join us in our life as a community for a while.

We look forward to staying in touch with you and are excited to see what God will do this year and what will come out of it.

God's blessing,

Arion Roffler
Head of FCJG/ HELP International

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