Your rehab is over – what’s next?
Our aim is that those who have become free of addictions and any bondage discover, develop and create their new life with Jesus, build on the new laid foundation and improve day by day becoming stronger and more determined.
Our house provides space for two separate shared flats – a men’s flat providing 5 to 6 places, and a ladies’ flat providing 3 to 4 places. The moment the aftercare programme is finished, the former clients are available to the employment market. Furthermore, everyone is responsible to take care of household duties, cooking, etc. The Wiedenhof staff is advising and going alongside the individuals during this new period of life. Together we want to unveil what God has entrusted each with, thus we integrate the former client into the rehab programme and ask them to take responsibility for areas i.e. setting up a leisure time programme, preaching, holding bible teachings, and we encourage them to become part of the FCJG team.
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