Rehab is done - what's next?

Our goal is for people to discover and create their new life with Jesus, free from addictions and bondages. Practically, this means to continue with the newfound foundation in everyday life. 
In our house we have two separate shared apartments; a men's apartment with 5-6 spots and a women's apartment with 3-4 spots. Starting with the aftercare, you are available for the job market again. You are responsible for housekeeping, cooking, etc. yourself. This new phase of life is accompanied and supported by our team. We want to find out together what God has put into each individual. In order to discover these gifts, everyone in aftercare is integrated into our daily rehab routine with responsibility in various areas. This includes, for example, recreational activities with fellow rehab residents, sermons, Bible nights, or even becoming part of an FCJG team. 

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