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For almost 40 years, we have been meeting Saturday nights at the Wiedenhof for interdenominational worship services. Christians from all walks of life, backgrounds, nations as well as generations gather for one reason: to encounter Jesus! Time and again, people who have only heard about Jesus suddenly encounter HIM personally. The power of God is tangible: Visitors are getting healed and often times people are experiencing deliverance from addiction, bondage and more. For the past couple of years, we as FCJG/HELP community have dived into a new move of God - initiated by the Holy Spirit - which is making a great impact on our worship services, too. 1 Cor. 14:26 “... if you gather together, everyone has something ...” becomes very practical. It is not about any specialists entertaining the congregation with worship music or good biblical messages, however, everyone has something to share and the Holy Spirit wants to lead and guide us in doing so. In this way, we are serving God and one another. Everyone is welcome to bring instruments and play these in accordance to the music. Many of the songs come up spontaneously and those who receive them are welcome to sing them via a free microphone. To make room for the creative work of the Holy Spirit, we have made space for people to dance or paint during services. No matter what we do and in everything we are, it is always about JESUS alone!


Right now services are being paused until at least the end of March. We will come back to you with new information at the beginning of April. Bless you!

Welcome to the different Worship Service every Saturday night at the Wiedenhof at 8:00 PM. Although the main language is German, we are offering translation into English and also into French (please give note a few days prior to the service). Contact us here.


All messages, seminars, conferences, etc. are being recorded. The FCJG Shop offers a variety of topics which you may order or obtain through download. Go to the FCJG Shop here.

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