We would love to take all of you along when travelling the nations. It's so amazing and exciting what God is doing all over the globe. The Holy Spirit moves in power ... and we are priviledged to have a share in what he is doing. With this gallery we would like to give you some insights into what we are doing. Thank you very much for all prayers while we are on the road. Thus, you are sharing the blessing of God that he is pouring out everywhere we go.

Albania and Tyrol

Two different nations with different people, but one desire: to live wholeheartedly for Jesus and give everything for him.


Once this country was closed - now it's open. What a precious nation and what precious people.

Thailand (tha Karen tribe)

When going to the north of Thailand, you will meet Thailand's natives: the Karen tribe. Over a period of a couple years there has been a revival among this specific tribe ... and it continues. However, this is not the only place where God moves in power - he is also touching Pattaya and Bangkok as well as the whole nation of Thailand.

Texas (USA)

Walter was travelling the State of Texas together with Merisha Janke - Texas Revival Tour 2016. They went to Houston, Lindale, Tyler, San Marcos and, of course, were in Austin where the HELP for all Nations base and property is located.


We love our home country and this is the place where we always go back to. It's so exciting what God has done among the Christians in the past - we have seen revival - but we are even more thrilled of what God is doing today.


For many decades, Thailand was known to be the missionaries' graveyard. However, God's love is transforming the hearts of the Thai people. New churches are springing up everywhere and this nation is experiencing a reformation as never before.

The Philippines

"It's more fun in the Philippines" - a slogan that so much describes the heart of the Filipinos. But how much more joy breaks out when people encounter Jesus and the power of God.

Awakening Europe

Awakening Europe in Nuremberg - 25,000 people from all over Europe gathered at the Grundig Stadium to worship Jesus.


A small church located close to Rome invited Walter for meetings in which they experienced the Holy Spirit as never before.


The people in this Muslim-Communist nation are open to Jesus. Over a cup of coffee in a café Walter prophecied over a lady who gave her live to Jesus shortly after. She wasn't aware that Jesus was in any way interested in her.


Being at Heidi Baker's place in Mozambique is always a blast. Everyone visiting with IRIS will learn first-hand: Jesus is always enough! Furthermore, you get to know great people - i.e. Mel Tari, who has seen revival in Indonesia.


Once this landstrip in North East India was a closed area. However, no borders, regulations and no wall can stop God from saving and delivering people and releasing them to walk in their destiny. Nagaland looks back on a Christian tradition, which God is about to revive - especially among the youth.


Poor and devastated, but still so beautiful - that's Bulgaria. Life takes place in the streets, and that's where Walter passionately preached the Gospel, ministered to people in the power of the Holy Spirit and led them to Jesus.


God is doing mighty things in Brazil - especially among the youth and across all denominations.


This nation with its 32 million - number is rising - gods and godesses is hungry to encounter the only true and living God. We organized a pastors' conference in Delhi to which pastors from all over India came. Some travelled for several days. They got strengthened, encouraged and empowered.


If you have not yet been to Mongolia, you should take the opportunity and do an outreach with HELP Mongolia. It will change your life and expand your horizon.


It almost took two days until Walter finally reached his destination. Divine appointments and open hearts were waiting for him.


What a privilege to speak to people who once lived under a cruel regime and then hear about a God who loves them and wants to give them overflowing life.


Services, a youth camp, conferences and else were on the programme ... of course, and seeing long-time friends.


It's always a pleasure to go to the US. We love America and God has opened many doors for us that we joyfully take.

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