If you are interested in a rehab with us, you should consider the following

Target group

  • illegal drug use
  • internet addiction
  • gambling addiction


  • willingness to give up your old lifestyle
  • willingness to accept our established Christian concept
  • physical detox must be completed on the day of admission
  • no psychotropic drugs will be administered at our center
  • no sponsor is required

General conditions

  • 4 weeks probationary period
  • 2 months of contact ban
  • 6 months curfew
  • Prohibition of smoking, alcohol, drugs, and violence
  • Observation of the house rules
  • Duration approx. 12 months

Admission procedure

  • please get in contact with us via our email adress:
  • we will get in touch with you and invite you to a contact meeting 
  • in case of mutual agreement, we will set your admission date
  • on the day of admission, please bring the following - see checklist below


  • Bank account statements of the last 3 months
  • Proof of existing assets
  • Dismissal note of the responsible employment office
  • valid identity card
  • current health insurance card
  • please bring only the necessary luggage: summer & winter wardrobe, sports & working clothes
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