Dates for 2024/25

  • REVIVAL SCHOOL Year 2024: 18. January - 08. December 2024
  • REVIVAL SCHOOL Year 2025: 16. January - 07. December 2025
  • Living together

You have the opportunity to join the REVIVAL SCHOOL training program for a year, a month, a week etc...
In order to get to experience the REVIVAL SCHOOL first-hand you can come by for an Experience Week. We will also have a three-month outreach during the school year, this could be a pioneer outreach, or an outreach to one of our existing HELP International bases. The teachings will be from recognisable national and international speakers and leaders and staff members of FCJG (e.g. Walter Heidenreich, Petra Feddersen, Arion Roffler, Jobst Bittner, Jackie Pullinger, Chris Schuller, etc.)

Cost 2024

Following tuitions cover accommodation and food.

  • REVIVAL SCHOOL Year 2024: total € 6,710 (Cost divided into 11 monthly payments € 610 per month)
  • One Month 2024: € 730
All costs refer only to the year 2024. All fees and expenses are subject to change.

Every participant is obliged to pay a registration fee of € 50 after receiving a confirmation in writing. This charge will be invoiced with the next payment of tuition. In case of rescission, the registration fee will be deducted to cover administration expenses.

Not included in the cost/tuition:

  • external conferences
  • national and international outreaches
Note to participants of the one year training: Because we are a full-time school, you will be challenged to grow in faith and move forward. We encourage you to have a prayer and support circle.


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