Dates for 2022/23

  • One-Year School 2023/24 (6. September 2023 - 28. July 2024)
  • One or multiple months throughout the school year 2022/23
  • Special Weeks 2022/23: dates and themes below
  • Experience Week: anytime to get to know us
You have the opportunity to join the REVIVAL SCHOOL training program for a year, a month, a week etc...
During the year, there are Special Weeks where we have national and international guest speakers (see dates below). In order to get to experience the REVIVAL SCHOOL first-hand you can come by for an Experience Week. We will also have a three-month outreach during the school year, this could be a pioneer outreach, or an outreach to one of our existing HELP International bases. The teachings will be from recognisable national and international speakers and leaders and staff members of FCJG (e.g. Walter Heidenreich, Heidi Baker etc.)


Depending on the emphasis of each month, the schedule for each week will look different. Generally speaking, we will have worship and prayer as well as teaching sessions in the mornings and see to the daily duties. In the afternoons we will go on outreaches, have time for bible studies and/or work together.

Cost 2022/23

Following tuitions cover accommodation and food, extra charges (current, heating, water) as well as transportation to meetings, events and local outreaches.

  • One-Year School 2022/23: total € 6,710 (Cost divided into 11 monthly payments € 610 per month)
  • One Month: € 730
  • Special Week (10 days): € 350 (different prices for longer/shorter experiences weeks)
  • Experience Week: € 250
All costs refer only to the year 2022/23. All fees and expenses are subject to change.

Every participant is obliged to pay a registration fee of € 50 after receiving a confirmation in writing. This charge will be invoiced with the next payment of tuition. In case of rescission, the registration fee will be deducted to cover administration expenses.

Not included in the cost/tuition above:
  • pocket money: Additionally to the school fees, every student is asked to hold € 30 of pocket money available per month. This obligatory pocket money is reserved for different activities of the school (excursions, entrance fees for seminars etc.) and also books that are a part of the curriculum. 
  • Conferences held by our community or external conferences
  • national and international outreaches
The above-mentioned tuition fee has to be paid on a monthly basis (this refers to participants of the One Year Training). We encourage every participant to pray and believe for his/her financial provision. Furthermore, we want to encourage all participants to inform their home churches of their participation in the REVIVAL SCHOOL and ask for financial support.

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We are a school that trains you for full-time ministry and missions. We live together on the prayer mountain for the nations, and our weekly schedule is not limited to our classroom. Alongside teachings and times of worship, we love to simply share about Jesus in the streets of Lüdenscheid as well as in deprived neighbourhoods nearby. During these Special Weeks, you will join our community life and Jesus will move in you and through you to touch the lives of others!


Faith – Living by faith with Arion Roffler (23rd - 29th January 2023)

Living by faith is a great God adventure! It means taking risks and counting on God in our everyday lives and in impossibilities. We are leaving our comfort zone behind and God will confirm us with signs and wonders. Together we will discover how we can enter and live in the dimension of faith that God has for us.


Worship with Petra Feddersen, incl. Seminar with Walter Heidenreich and Sandy Anderson (3rd - 12th February 2023)

Worship belongs to the King of kings - Jesus! Worship and prayer transforms cities and nations. That is why we want to inspire, encourage, and challenge you to grow personally in these areas. We will have workshops on topics like leading worship in services, creative prayer, intercession and worship in the streets.

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Get to know us (Experience Week)

Furthermore, it is also possible to come and dive into the REVIVAL SCHOOL for a week throughout the year in order to get to know us more, just drop us an email and we can find a date that works for you and us. 

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