Revival School

We are providing the following options of training:

  • One-Year Training 2021 (28th of January through 12th of December 2021)
  • Summer Term 2020 (4th of May through 30th of August 2020, incl. Burning Hearts Summer)
  • Autumn Term 2020 (7th of September through 6th December 2020, it is only possible during the one year training or in combination with the Summer Term 2020 (international outreaches))
  • Spring Term 2021 (28th of January through 30th of April 2021)
  • Summer Term 2021 (3rd of May through 29th of August 2021)
  • Autumn Term 2021 (1st of September through 12th December 2021)
  • Training Weeks (see agenda)
  • Experience Week (individual trial period)

You can join the REVIVAL SCHOOL very individually for training: For one year, a term, a week...
Within the terms there are Training Weeks where we have national and international guest speakers. In order to get a first hand impression of the REVIVAL SCHOOL, you can come by for an individual Experience Week (trial period). According to the emphasis of this school we will have outreaches in Germany and Europe and pioneer outreaches in new countries. The teachings will be create together with nationally and internationally known speakers and leaders and staff of FCJG (e.g. Walter Heidenreich, Petra Feddersen, Birgit Janke, Wes Hall, Suzette Hattingh, Heidi Baker, Huldah Buntain, ...).


Are you ready to leave everything behind you and take the calling of Jesus “Follow me!” serious? Are you ready to entrust God entirely and let the Holy Spirit do his work on you? This is the main condition for the REVIVAL SCHOOL...


Depending on the emphasis of each trimester, we will individually plan the program for every week. Generally we will have worship and prayer as well as teaching sessions in the mornings and see to the daily duties (please see point Accommodation & Community). In the afternoons we will go on outreaches, have time for bible studies and/or work together. Please see a model schedule and some pictures here.

Accommodation & Community

Participants and staff live together in the FCJG Training Center. All participants are accommodated in two- or three-bed-rooms (married couples and families certainly have their own sphere of living). As a community we will see to the daily duties, i.e. taking care of the house and outdoor facilities and cooking meals.

Being a part of the FCJG

FCJG Training Center is a part of the FCJG Community in Lüdenscheid. As community we are participating in meetings that are mandatory. While living with us we want to invite and encourage you to live up to our standard. Part of the meetings we regard to be mandatory are family nights, staff meetings, prayer meetings as well as FCJG's worship service every Saturday night. Furthermore everyone can join one of the outreach teams of FCJG Inner City Missions or FCJG Children's & Teenagers' Ministries.
Your personal investment and getting in touch with the various branches of the FCJG will support and enrich the training program.

Tuition 2020/2021

Following tuitions cover accommodation and food, extra charges (current, heating, water) as well as transportation to meetings, events and local outreaches.

  • One Year Training 2021: total € 5.940 (divided in months: for 11 months would be per month € 540)
  • Spring Term 2021: total € 1.860 (divided in months: for 3 months would be per month € 620)
  • Summer Term 2021: total € 2.480 (divided in months: for 4 months would be per month € 620)
  • Autumn Term 2021: total € 2.170 (divided in months: for 3,5 months would be per month € 620)
  • Training Weeks: please see agenda website
  • Experience Week (trial time): € 220
  • one single month: € 680
All costs refer only to the year 2021. All fees and expenses are subject to change.

Every participant is obliged to pay a registration fee of € 30 after receiving a confirmation in writing. This charge will be invoiced with the next payment of tuition. In case of rescission the registration fee will be deducted to cover administration expenses.

Not included in the cost/tuition above:
  • pocket money: Additionally to the school fees, every student is asked to hold € 30 of pocket money available per month. This obligatory pocket money is reserved for different activities of the school (excursions, entrance fees for seminars etc.)
  • cost for essential redding (€ 50 to € 60 per year)
  • big conferences of our community and external conferences
  • national and international outreaches
Above mentioned tuitions have to be paid on a monthly basis (this refers to participants of the One Year Training and of the trimester terms). We encourage every participant to pray and believe for his/her financial provision. Furthermore we want to encourage all participants to inform their home churches of their participation in the REVIVAL SCHOOL and ask for financial help and support.

Health Insurance

Every participant must have a health insurance. This policy specially refers to participants of the One Year Training and trimesters terms. Depending on the individual's age there are options for family health insurance which in Germany are usually covered by the parents, otherwise please contract a private health insurance. Insurance agencies offer student fares. If you need a confirmation or attestation we will provide one for you.

Following vaccinations are absolutely recommended: tetanus, polio and diphtheria. For international outreaches furthermore hepatitis A and B and typhoid. We recommend that you have this immunization before the start of school.

Getting to know us (Experience Week)

In case you would like to experience what the REVIVAL SCHOOL is all about and want to come for a week, you are very welcome to do so. We can arrange for dates and visits for an individual Experience Week, or you might want to join for a given Training Week. In the course of this week you can talk to the staff and get to know us first hand.

Further important information

On the prayer mountain property, where the FCJG Trainings Center is situated, as well as in all houses belonging to the FCJG, on outreaches etc., smoking and alcohol is strictly forbidden. We ask you to respect this.

Concerning clothing: We have many guests from foreign cultures, for which a revealing clothing style is even more offensive than in our western culture. We want to meet them with respect even with our outwards appearance. Therefor we ask you to bring no such clothes as hot pants and tank tops. Thank you for your understanding.


You'll find the contact form for your application on the next page (see link below). Please fill it in and send it back to us. For any questions or further information we are happy to help you. Your information will be kept confidential. We as a staff team pray about every application. Only after that we will give you notice with all further information. Therefore, please note the application process described on the next page.

Please also note the general deadline! This is as follows:
  • Application for the Revival School 2021 and Revival School on the move 2021 must be at the lattest by November 15, 2020.
  • Training Weeks: at least 10 days in advance.
  • Terms: at least 1 month in advance.

We're here for you if you have any question. Get in touch with us, we'd love to hear from you!
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