A concert in your living room?

Imagine your living room transforming into a mini-concert hall from one day to the next. The TV corner changes into a stage and all of your friends gather together in expectation in the room waiting for it to start. That's exactly how it felt when I had my first concert in the living room of our Mission house.

For 4 years now I've been writing my own songs about my relationship with God, and, to be honest, all the ups and downs I experience in my daily life with Him are reflected in these songs. But one thing is the same in all of them: There is hope, life, and perspective when we put our trust in God in all situations.

In the middle of last year I realized that the songs I wrote were not only for myself but should also be heard by others and get encouraged in their walk with Jesus. So, after a talk with a friend the idea of giving a concert in our living room developed!


Said. And done. Friends were invited and could sit down with some coffee and cake as the afternoon took off... The feedback I got after the concert touched me very much. Because what I desired exactly happened: Many experienced the presence of God; others were close to tears and it didn't matter if they knew Jesus already or not yet.

Yes, to be rampant with what God has given is really great fun!

Here is a short video, many greetings, Anna ...

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