...they haven´t heard of him?

We keep on going into our city to pray, worship, and proclaim the saving gospel of Jesus Christ! That´s what is moving our hearts: Jesus shall be made known in our city so that people will find salvation and He gets all the honor.

"While I was preaching the gospel in our city a man placed himself nearly directly beside me. He listened attentively the whole time, was open for God`s word, and shortly after he gave his life to Jesus."   - Ilona

"While part of our team was worshipping a man approached us. He already looked into many religions and he himself was a Moslem.
His question to us was: What do you really believe as Christians? With that, we could share our faith with him and share Jesus with him and give him a Bible." 
- Christiane

"One elderly man got touched by the love of God and started to repent. After that, he received Jesus into his life."
"For another man, we could lay our hands on his injured foot and declare healing. The pain left and his foot was much better. He could walk on relieved of the pain."
- James & Simon

We experienced many more of those kinds of testimonies throughout the summer.
God is good! And the best we can do is: To bring the good news of Jesus and his love for the people.

Do not be ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ for it is the power of God unto salvation for all those who believe. Romans 1:16

Good news ilona September

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