You are the light of the world ...
Even so let your light be shining before men, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven. Matth. 5,14+16

Our prayer walk for the city was about to end when we saw a woman carrying several bags up the hill to where she lives. We approached her and offered our help since we saw that she had quite a heavy load to bring home. Thankfully, she accepted and gave us the opportunity to serve her through that simple act of kindness. Going up the hill with those heavy bags would have been an exhausting task for her to do by herself; even my young and strongly built brother broke some sweat and felt the weight on his arms as we climbed. As we finally reached her home, I looked straight in her eyes, and simply said that Jesus loves her and that she is very precious to Him. You could really see that she was so thankful and relieved. The simplicity of this situation reminded me of 2 things. When we act on God’s word, people will see and taste His goodness, and they will glorify Him--our Heavenly Father. 

Last Thursday afternoon, 4 of us met at the parking lot of our city’s main hospital. One of us had an impression to go there and pray for healing and protection for all the people in the hospital, especially those who are battling with the pandemic.
So, we split up in 2 groups and prayed as walked around the facility. My companion and I walked in right through the main entrance, and as the security guard asked us where we were going, we just honestly told him our purpose, which is to pray for protection and release God’s healing and blessing over the whole place. He looked at us and didn’t really know what to say. And then he just kindly told us to take one of the required masks from the table and put it on as we go in. Thus, we were able to go through and pray inside the hospital without any hindrance. We thanked God for that man and the open door he gave us...

Let your light shine!

Linde Ilona Gebet Krankenhaus

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