...of Christ for it is the power of God to salvation for all who believe (Romans 1:16)

In twos, we went out to preach the good news at two places the Holy Spirit showed us. This big rock in the midst of the pedestrian zone was perfect to climb up on and right away we started. With a loud voice, I started to share the gospel and a short personal testimony. Here and there people stopped; I then approached a young lady who listened on the whole time. She knew about the story of Jesus and said that she would like to become a better person. In tears, she said that she feels sorry and she would love to change and do good but it doesn't work. I told her that it really is like that - it doesn't work. We cannot change ourselves. We need Jesus. When we entrust our lives to Him, He will give us a new one and change us...!

The lady was open to doing the first step. We prayed together and she gave her life to Jesus. I then gave her a small booklet "From Minus to Plus" and my contact number.

Thank You, Jesus!

new life

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