Recently, we placed a neon light sign in our shop window. Many people from the city walk by this window and see the words: 'True peace? Only by Jesus.'

Why do we say “true peace?” Because this is a peace that goes far beyond the absence of wars, epidemics and diseases. When we follow Jesus, He gives us inner peace that carries far beyond our circumstances. Then, even in the midst of the storm, we know ourselves to be sheltered by Jesus, our Prince of Peace. Then we can pass this peace on to people around us.

We wish you a peaceful Christmas season and a good start into the new year.

The City Mission Team

Echter Friede Leuchtschild

Mercy opens doors

For several months we have been going regularly to a homeless shelter in Lüdenscheid. There, a needy man opened his heart to Jesus. He asked us to clean his room which, through his own fault, was in a very bad condition. This was his last chance before he would lose his shelter just before winter. We helped this man because we wanted to show him God's love and he was very grateful. The custodian, the social worker and the other residents caught news of this. They were touched, and because of that we received favor with them. Mercy opens doors.
James Santos


Schatzinsel Children's group

"What is your best experience with God?" An 11-year-old boy with learning disabilities answers saying, "Hope." Then he explains, "I recently got an A- in math and a B+ in German, which gave me hope that I can make it through school!" God's hope is real. This hope also flows through children, as it did recently; with cupcakes and personal encouragement cards in hand as they passed them out around town. Two women were moved to tears: "My father recently passed away, this card fits right in!" "I have a difficult situation in my family. Thank you for this word and your prayer. It has helped me a lot."
Christiane Leistner


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