It was a simple idea: inviting people from the street and the food bank next door to share with them the love of God. Very simple, with coffee and waffles, self-written songs and testimonies. But most of all, our hearts were burning for people to encounter Jesus. Only He can save, heal and set free! During the pre-Christmas season especially, many people are in search of true meaning in life and are therefore open for the Good News.

This is exactly what we experienced when we opened our doors. People came streaming in, hungry for community and life.

One Ukrainian man said that he wanted to soak up the whole atmosphere because he felt so much love, and that our eyes shone so brightly. 

A young girl with drug problems stayed until the end, visiting us the following week and giving her life to Jesus. Many more received prayer and asked if they could come again. 

When we share God's love we are encouraged and others are changed.

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