He is not completely new but in a really good condition. His name is VWT5. He is 5 years old and walked 60894 miles. In the future he will be a great blessing for us, our city and Nordrhein-Westfalen by coming with us to our evangelisms.

Thank you SO MUCH who made this possible!

We want to thank all of you who connected, prayed and invested with us! You have a part of the harvest among the children, youth and also elder people, refugees who we can serve because of our new bus.
For us as the citymission it is one more proof of God's faithfulness and his promise to care for everything we need when we seek His kingdom first. Currently we help some syrian and african refugees to get to know and follow Jesus more. They are coming to our church services and descipleshiptraining.
We are also planning to make Jesus known at the local christmas market through small arts, preachings, puppet theater for children, prophetic prayers and more creative things that are inspired by the Holy Spirit (light of the worls-born for something special). We are excited for the coming time and how the Holy Ghost will move.

Many greetings from the Citytmission!
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