Excitement and thankfullness are arising in our hearts by reminding what God did the last weeks in the streets of LüdenscheidIn nearly every outreach people invited Jesus into their hearts. The youngest was in the age of 12 the oldest 84. For God age doesn`t matter. Those experiences and testimonies cheer us on to preach the gospel again and again in the streets of our city and we hope that you will be encouraged as well to share Jesus to the people in your environment. Here are a few insights:

Paul (32years): I saw 2 women walking across the street and I noticed that one of them was using a crutch. I crossed the street quickly and I asked her if I could pray for her. After one short prayer she realized during walking that the pain in her leg was gone. Her torn ligament was instantly healed and she was totaly surprised. Her friend immediately took the crutch away and both of them kept going after they said goodbye. Thank you, Jesus!
The other day I could talk to a young man who received prayer some months ago from some christians in the centre of Lüdenscheid. After this incident he had a dream in which he encountered Jesus. After waking up he surrendered his whole life to Jesus.“

Amanda (27): „During a time of preparation before an outreach one of us received the impression from the Holy Spirit that we would meet 2 fatherless girls this afternoon who were trying so hart to fill their empty hearts with all kind of stuff. When we went out the Holy Spirit led us to one of the girls and we told her that God wants to reveal his father`s heart to her and that she can experience his love. The girl directly invited Jesus into her heart. It was the first time in my life that I could lead a person to Jesus. But it was not just one- 4 people came to know Jesus that day:“

Marion (52):“In one of our outreaches God showed me a girl which was obviously touched by his presence. While I was talking to her the Holy Spirit gave me an impression that in her family she always came last. After sharing the impression to her I could pray for her and the girl gave her life to Jesus. It was so easy just to do what the Holy Spirit told me to do and it is great to see what wonderful fruit comes out.“

Thank you Jesus!!!

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