Prayer is simple. Prayer is communication. Prayer is touching God's heart. Prayer is creative. Prayer has power. Prayer is relationship. Prayer is not complicated.

True! But then – why a Prayer School?
Simply because of this: The disciples, who were face to face with Jesus all day long, had that one question:

»Lord, teach us to pray …« (Lk 11,1)
That’s why we’re having a Prayer School. And that’s what this Prayer School is all about:

  • Living with Jesus and with each other like the disciples did – that’s why we live, eat and work together in the FCJG Revival School center.
  • Learning from Jesus – that’s why we take time to learn from His word, what He says about prayer and how He lived it. We will study the word, share about our experiences, ask questions, find answers, worship Him and encounter Him.
  • Doing it like Jesus – that’s why we pray and we go. We will have times of prayer and worship in the Prayer house for the Nations, praying for cities, nations and people. And we will go out on the streets, into the city, to the people and be the answer to our prayers.
This Prayer School is practical, creative and evangelistic.
And because prayer is not just words but communication, we encourage you to bring what you need for your creative expression like painting utilities, music instruments, dancing shoes or whatever. We will make a lot of room for creative expressions in intercession, worship and evangelism.

Curious? Come and join. We are looking forward for these 10 days with you.



June 20 - 30, 2019

FCJG Revival School and Prayer House for the Nations, Wislader Weg, 58513 Lüdenscheid

€ 300 (room & board included)

More information
If you have questions or need further information, please contact us.
Phone: +49 (0 23 51) 35 80 39


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