Prophetic Conference with Wesley & Stacey Campbell and Walter Heidenreich

God wants his people – that’s us – to walk in the fullness of its destiny, and to embrace and activate the gift of the Spirit that he has given us … words of wisdom, words of knowledge, miracles, healing – and prophecy. Nothing unlocks a person’s heart like the word of God itself, for it is power to release the supernatural and brings heaven on earth. Reading the word of God is one thing, however, living and applying it something else. At this point, we are taken into a new dimension of the bible.

As powerful and with the same power of unlocking hearts, we see the prophetic word work. It’s a word that flows straight from God’s own heart. It’s a word that gives direction, encouragement, works healing and it corrects in a loving way. The prophetic word brings about change and releases the power of God so that people come to know God – who he is and how he is (see 1 Cor. 14).

»Eyes & Wings« is not just a conference. However, it’s a time of equipment for the body of Christ. All speakers live and walk in the Holy Spirit’s power, give insights into God’s kingdom and will teach on the prophetic and the prophetic ministry. This will change your life and help you to embrace your full destiny.


Stacy WebSTACEY CAMPBELL is a prophetic voice to this generation and has a passion to teach believers to know how to hear the voice of God through proper teaching and strong values. She is the founder of the Canadian Prophetic Council, and has helped launch prophetic roundtables in several nations. She serves as an honorary member of the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders, presided over by Dr. Cindy Jacobs. She and her husband, Wesley, are founders a mercy organization for children at risk called “Be A Hero.” Stacey is a board member of Iris Global and together she and Wesley serve on the Apostolic Team of HIM (Harvest International Ministries). In addition, they are the authors of five books and the Praying the Bible CD series. They have ministered in over seventy nations, laboring to see people, cities, and nations transformed. The Campbells have five grown children and live in Santa Maria, California, where they are part of the Healing Rooms of the Santa Maria Valley.

Wesley WebWESLEY CAMPBELL is the founder of »Be A Hero«. He and his wife Stacey work in coalition with other mercy organizations focused on children at risk, rescuing them out of starvation, poverty and the sex trade industry. He has taught throughout the nations on »Praying the Bible«. Wesley is a member of the teaching faculty of the Wagner Leadership Institute, and is a very gifted teacher. His passion for seeing revival touch the entire world will inspire you, and his teachings on Praying the Bible will change your life and the lives of those around you. His teachings on Praying the Bible will lead you into a greater fulfillment of the first commandment – to love God with all your heart, soul, strength and mind. Wesley and wife Stacey, are producers of the »Praying the Bible« CDs and co-authors of several »Praying the Bible« books. Wesley is also the co-author of the book »Be A Hero – The Battle for Mercy and Social Justice«. Their history as missionaries, church planters, pastors and ministry in the wider body of Christ gives their teaching a depth and authority that can only come from personal experience. As conference speakers, they have ministered in over 45 nations, laboring to see revival and social justice transform the world.

Walter WebWALTER HEIDENREICH is an internationally well-known evangelist and speaker. After a dramatic encounter with the love of God, he has given his live to Jesus and is preaching the Gospel passionately all over the world – no matter if to thousands in a crusade, in small churches, on the streets as well as in stadiums. Hundreds of thousands have heard the Gospel message through Walter and given their lives to Jesus. The marks of Walter’s ministry are the manifestations of the Holy Spirit’s power. His own life and ministry are impacted by this power. To many – young and old – he is a spiritual father, especially to young people. He is an example in the way he lives out his faith and acts upon God’s word. »It is possible to constantly live by the love of God, be filled with his fire and to do the works that Jesus has done!«
Walter is married to Irene. He is the president of FCJG Lüdenscheid and HELP International, and he is ministering and travelling Germany and abroad under the cover of FCJG Horizon, which is a branch of FCJG Lüdenscheid.
Furthermore, Walter is the author of a number of books of which his autobiography »Help – I need somebody« is the most successful. This book has been translated into 13 languages, and hundreds of thousands have come to know Jesus Christ through it.


June 14 + 15, 2019
Kick off: Friday, June 14, 2019 @ 7:30 PM
Closing: Saturday, June 15, 2019 @ approx. 5:00 PM
All participants are invited to join »the other Worship Service« at 8:00 PM at the Wiedenhof (Bahnhofstr. 22, 58507 Luedenscheid)

Prayer House for the Nations
Wislader Weg
58513 Luedenscheid

50 € (to be paid at the cash counter upon arrival at the prayer house)

For any questions or further information, please get in touch with us.
Phone: +49 (0 23 51) 35 80 39


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