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God's love is a burning trace

You are precious to God – more than you might think! The following is written over your life in capital letters: YOU SHALL BE A BLESSING! He has plans for you full of hope; God has a future for you and He wants to walk with you side-by-side and make you a blessing for a lost world.

They asked each other, »Were not our hearts burning within us while he talked with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us?« (Luke 24:32)

An essential part of God‘s plan with you is that you constantly soak in His love. This happens when we open up to the Holy Spirit and His works. It is the Holy Spirit who ignites the fire of love in us and keeps it burning – our love to God, the people of God and the people of this earth. It is the Holy Spirit who makes our worship in the Spirit and in truth fervent. Throughout the bible we are seeing a burning trace of God‘s love. All salvation, every healing and deliverance, every sign and miracle is giving evidence of the divine fire. Jesus wants to see one thing happening: that this fire keeps burning – in your and my personal life, in Germany, in Europe and in the nations of this earth.

We are very happy to welcome wonderful friends to BURNING HEARTS 2018 in whose lives the fire of God is burning vividly and who are bearing much kingdom fruit throughout the earth: Bill Johnson (Bethel Church, Redding), Heidi Baker (Iris Global), Daniel Kolenda (CfaN) and Walter Heidenreich (FCJG Lüdenscheid and HELP International). Their and my lives don’t only testify of what the love of God can make of man; we desire for many to get ignited with God‘s love and start to go into all the world to bear much fruit! The four of us are so much looking forward to sharing what we have received and to pass on the torch.

As FCJG/HELP family it is our prayer that you receive a burning heart that remains burning within you. I am absolutely sure of one thing: Whoever gets ignited with the Holy Spirit’s fire will burn for the King of all kings and for His kingdom! And with that everything is possible that the word of God promises you. Find out what that means for you and your life. We are already looking forward to welcoming you to Lüdenscheid.

For His kingdom

Walter Heidenreich
with the FCJG/HELP leadership


What our guest speakers are saying


Tengerin Doo Worship

Tengerin Doo (Mongolian for »Sound of Heaven«) is a wonderful worship formation which you are a part of. We are focusing on getting inspired by the Holy Spirit and to worship God with what we receive from heaven above. The Holy Spirit Himself is the conductor of these unique worship times. There are no specialists, professionals, top bands, but simply burning hearts that are worshipping the Father in the Spirit and in truth. With this constellation you’ll experience a release of the fullness of the gifts of the Spirit, and creativity knows no boundaries: prophetic songs, instruments, flags, arts – everything is welcome.

Petra Feddersen & Friends as well as other FCJG worship bands are laying out a musical carpet.



»… for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these (the children)!«, said Jesus. Therefore he said to his disciples, »Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them! And he took the children in his arms, placed his hands on them and blessed them.« (Mark 10:14-16)

burninghearts Kids is more than a children’s program – it’s a children’s conference! We want to make room for children to encounter Jesus. Their child-like faith will be strengthened and edified. They get opportunity to embrace the precious Holy Spirit – the blessing of the Father. This will release divine power within them and enable children to become strong with view to their future. Children shall experience the kingdom of God: conversions, healings, signs and miracles, manifestations of the Spirit of God, baptism with the Holy Spirit, a release of the gifts of the Spirit; they shall embrace their destiny and commission which might even lead them unto the ends of the earth. Jesus loves children. He draws them close to His heart. There is joy in His presence! We will worship Him with creativity inspired by the Holy Spirit.

The speakers of BURNING HEARTS 2018 will serve in this kids event. Furthermore, the Tengerin Doo kids band, author Bärbel Löffel-Schröder and the FCJG children’s ministry team will be there.


International outreaches

When God captures us with His love, it will lead to one response: We want to make God and his love known everywhere. You can join one of our international outreaches and take God’s love to people – in Lüdenscheid, in Germany and to the nations of this world.

HELP International, our international missions organization, takes you on outreaches to Thailand, Mongolia, Austria, to the Philippines and the USA – or you can join one of our FCJG teams to reach out to people in Lüdenscheid and Germany! All outreaches take place in the second half of 2018. For more information please visit our outreach website from HELP International.

Power Tent

When Jesus was walking the earth, he told his disciples: »You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses ... to the ends of the earth.« (Acts 1:8)

The Power Tent is a place where we will amplify and activate what is being taught in the conference. Just as Jesus did with his disciples, conference speakers, leaders and staff of our international FCJG/HELP community will share insights in the Power Tent and pass on what God has entrusted them with. Further details will be given at Burning Hearts.



We are excited to have long-term friends, men and women of God, at Burning Hearts 2018 with us:

Burning Hearts 2018 Daniel Kolenda

Daniel Kolenda

He is young, a modern-day missionary evangelist who has led more than 19 million people to Christ face-to-face through massive open air evangelistic campaigns in some of the most dangerous, difficult and remote locations on earth. Daniel Kolenda has stepped into Reinhard Bonnke's footsteps and taken on the leadership of »Christ for all Nations« (CfaN). He is a full-blood evangelist who loves to preach an uncompromising and simple Gospel! Daniel is married and father of four children. Furthermore he is an author and a wonderful trainer of upcoming evangelists.

Burning Hearts 2018 Heidi Baker

Heidi Baker

Heidi and Rolland Baker founded Iris Ministry, now Iris Global in 1980. In 1995, they were called to Mozambique, the poorest country in the world at the time, and faced an extreme test of the Gospel. They began by pouring out their lives among abandoned street children, and as the Holy Spirit moved miraculously in many ways a revival movement spread to adults, pastors, churches and then throughout the bush all across Mozambique's ten provinces. Heidi is now »Mama Aida« to thousands of children, and oversees a broad holistic ministry that includes Bible schools, medical clinics, church-based orphan care, well drilling, primary schools, evangelistic industries, cottage farms, widow’s programs, and healing outreaches in remote villages that includes a network of hundreds of churches. She earned university degrees and titles – however, above all she is calling for a passionate tribe of believers who will pour out their life for loves sake and bring all children of all ages home to the Father’s embrace!

Burning Hearts 2018 Bill Johnson

Bill Johnson

He is a fifht generation pastor and spiritual leader in his family line – and this line of blessing continues, for his own children are now becoming pastors as well. Even though he was acquainted with the works of the Holy Spirit from a very young age, it was a message by Mario Murillo that led him to fully surrender his life to the Father, to open to what the Holy Spirit wants to do and to embrace his God-given destiny. One conference with John Wimber stirred a hunger in him for revival and healing miracles; a visit to the Toronto church and experiencing the Toronto Blessing poured tons of oil into the fire already buring within him. In 1996, Bill and Beni Johnson took on the leadership and pastorate of Bethel Church in Redding which Bill's father already pastored from 1968 through 1982. Bill Johnson is an apostolic leader who serves internationally the body of Christ. Besides extraordinary manifestations of the Holy Spirit in his church, such as healing miracles, Bill has one thing on his mind: to train the body of Christ to live a revival culture in which signs and miracles are part of everyday life.

Burning Hearts 2018 Walter Heidenreich

Walter Heidenreich

He gave his life to Jesus during the Jesus People Movement and since there has been one thing on his mind: to preach the Gospel message of Jesus wherever he goes and to demonstrate the kingdom of God in power. Walter preaches the full and uncompromising Gospel, and his ministry is accompanied by healings, signs and miracles. He is a nationally and internationally credited and well-known evangelist and has an apostolic anointing for the nations. Walter loves people – especially the youth. He loves to invest into a young generation and trains it to do the works of Jesus and to preach and demonstrate the kingdom of God in power. Walter is the president of FCJG Lüdenscheid and founder of HELP International, Inc., the missionary branch of FCJG. He is married to Irene and author of several books amongst which his autobiographie - »Help – I need somebody« - is the most popular.

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