The Mongolian people are a passionate people. Once they are on fire for something, they burn and make their testimonies known anywhere. God called us to preach the Good News in Mongolia. We are doing this with all our hearts – and God is doing what we cannot do ... he is doing all the miracles.

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Hello, I am Ichko. Now I am 6 months pregnant. Recently, the doctors said that I needed to go to the hospital immediately, because the amniotic liquor provision in my uterus was insufficient. The night before my brothers and sisters in Christ prayed for me and my baby. The next morning I went to hospital, however, after the ultrasonic check-up the doctors said: "The level of amniotic liquor has increased, it's normal now. You can go back home." Since my baby has started moving more than before. Our Lord Jesus has done a miracle in me.

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Finally at home

We met this man, who was wandering for 17 days through the city without knowing where to go or to sleep when we were worshipping Jesus in city center. It was so amazing to watch him. He just stood with us, closed his eyes and received God's peace without anyone advising him to do so. After this worship time, he came straight with us to our men's community and has since lived there with us. Now he is recovering from his alcohol problem. On that day, we also prayed for sick people and some of them have felt heat in their bodies and recognized a change in their condition.

Reaching out to Mongolia

We are commissioned to take the Gospel to Mongolia, and you can have a share in this. How? That’s very easy: Get in touch with us and come on outreach to Mongolia.
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