Our REVIVAL SCHOOL Mongolia team is on outreach on the countryside. They learnt from one of their co-workers that she has been pregnant with a baby in the second month. Normally this is a reason to rejoice. However, one day earlier she was told during a check-up that the doctors couldn't hear any heartbeat of the baby and that it was dead. With this diagnosis and a new appointment to let the doctors get the baby out, our co-worker was sitting in hospital and sharing the whole story with the team.

From death to life

It's these situations that activate our fatih - are we serving a God who makes the impossible possible? Is he the one who brings the dead to life? Or is all of this mere theory? We believe it's the truth! Our team went to visit the young woman in hospital and prayed for her and the baby. When she went to her new appointment, the doctors heard the heartbeat of the baby again and there was no need for any surgery. Thank you, Jesus!

Wunder 03

Miracles today

The miracles we are reading about in the bible are no fairy tales for old. They are promises of God that we are to experience today. They are signes that Jesus did to glorify his Father in heaven. We want to reach out to this in faith and experience things like this in a greater dimension. For we are serving a God of miracles and we are living in a world that is waiting for people to share these with them and who believe in miracles!
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