Michelle is 18 years old and attended in July 2016 UPRISING Korea. UPRISING stands for ›United Prayer Rising‹ and is initiated by young people for young people. The emphasis: Together they are praying and fasting for the young generation! the spiritual father and visionary of UPRISING is Jerome Ocampo from Manila. When Michelle was in Korea, something very significant happened to her: »I was set ablaze, and the fire I received back then is still burning today. It's a prayer fire which reaches out to my generation. I want to see the young generation in Mongolia to be free to follow Jesus with all power and with everything it has, and that we as a young generation are making a difference in Mongolia and the nations of this world.«

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Born for Missions

Michelle is truly a real missionary child. Her parent have been in Mongolia for almost 20 years, and today they are heading the HELP ministries there. She was born in Mongolia, grew up there and she actually is Mongolian through and through. However, more important than that - she is a strong pillar among the young generation, an example and an encouragement to many. It was not always like that. There was a time when melancholy, depression and suicidal thoughts were her daily companions. »God, if you don't do anything this night, I am going to commit suicide.« And God came, and he changed Michelle to the core. She came forth from her hiding place, revealed her inner struggles, conflicts, fears and God healed her in every area - also with the help of peple around her. She shared her testimony at Come to the lIght in Lüdenscheid - so powerful.

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Prayer fire with an impact

Michelle is ablaze and when you stand next to her while she is praying, you get the feeling that you burn yourself only by touching her. The spark of prayer is igniting others, and this prayer fire is making an impact. Everything Michelle is talking about she also wants to see. She caught the vision of UPRISING ... thus she started UPRISING Mongolia - at only 18 years of age! Together with a team she is spiritually and organizationally taking charge of the whole event to which hundreds of young people from all over Mongolia and beyond with gather from October 5 - 8, 2017 in Ulaanbaatar. Alongside her there are wonderful spiritual fathers - Jerome Ocampo and Walter Heidenreich ... However, let's listen to what Michelle shared at Re|Formation Fire in Lüdenscheid ...


100% Potential

How powerful to be able to watch in our days young people rising up in churches all over the world and being satisfied with mere programmes any longer. They want to see change and they are having the 100% potential and all abilities and skills to bring change about. However, one thing the don't want - they don't want to do it by themselves, but ask the fathers and mothers, both natural and spiritual to stand with and help them. UPRISING is one event where they gather in order to be equipped and blessed and where we pray for and send them into their divine destiny. Find more here!
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