The Kidshouse in Ulaanbataar is not merely a house where we take children in to provide a home for them. No ... after a turnover in leadership, we are having quite a young team of Mongolians and Germans living together. They emphasize to develop a vision of how to bless the children, youth and families in their neighbourhood and introduce them to Jesus. They live together and demonstrate the love and power of God ...

Kidshaus 04


With this view in mind, some of the kidshouse staff went to a nearby shopping center to worship Jesus when it was really cold outside and thus impacting the atmosphere with God’s love. Whenever we are going to places and stand together to worship, people are drawn to the site ... always. That day, a young man stood and watched, and our team was able to pray for him. He has read the bible on several occasions and was open to receive prayer.

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Our children feeding program opened its doors in November again. We are looking forward to welcoming many hungry children to provide for them - not only by giving them good food, however, also by helping them with their daily homework and also by giving them warmth and emotional safety. Beside that we are renovating our facilities, since we want the inside and outside of our Kidshouse to reflect beauty and spendor.
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