What an honor! For 20 years now our HELP Mongolia leaders have faithfully been serving God. Through many ups and downs they have built and advanced the kingdom of God in Mongolia.

20 Jahre 05

Arrival at -43 °C

On February 08th 1998 Tom and Heidi landed with their then 2-year-old daughter Salome and three big suitcases at the snow-covered airport of Ulaanbaatar. The icy winter air of the world’s coldest capital hit their faces with -43 degrees. At that time they probably didn’t think that they would still be living and serving in Mongolia 20 years later – with authority in the power of the Holy Spirit.

20 Jahre 03

Suddenly there came a turning point – Tom

»I was born on a farm in Switzerland and grew up like a real hillbilly. That I would be traveling through the world one day for God – this was not part of my future plans.
Out of different reasons I got involved in alcohol, drugs and other problems. I lived a chaotic life and just did my own thing. The turning point came when I cried out to God in a hotel room in Mexico, because my life had reached rock bottom. During that time Jesus met me supernaturally – in one day I was delivered from 8 years of drug addiction and other bondages. At this time I was 22. Years later I came to the FCJG and God called me and my family to Mongolia long-term. Since then I am serving Him there. My heart is beating for this nation and its people. I want to see revival and the fire of the Holy Spirit falling with signs and wonders as it is written in the bible.
In addition, my ministry traveling to other nations of our HELP-ministries is growing. It is on my heart to lead people into their own 24/7-relationship with the Holy Spirit.
I want to encourage them to be active in the kingdom of God.« Tom Wüthrich

20 Jahre 04

The girl at the window – Heidi

»Who would have thought that my life would go this way …I always dreamed about making a successful carrier as a nurse. I wanted to be a paramedic and rescue and give first aid to seriously injured people all around the world. I was proud of being Swiss and loved to live in my home country. In school I once wrote an essay about a girl standing at the window, dreaming of going into missions. I know today that God already put this calling into my heart when I was a child.
Now I have been living in Mongolia for 20 years and I am traveling through the country and to other nations – not primarily to help people with medical treatment, but to bring them the love of Jesus so that they can get healed and reach the full calling of their lives. Today, I am living the dreams of my life in Mongolia and I know that I am at the right place. I am very thankful to God for that!« Heidi Wüthrich

20 Jahre 06

Thank you!

Thank you for your loyalty, your commitment, devotion and readiness to make sacrifices.
Thank you for your love and humility, your willingness to listen, your leadership and your investment into the Mongolian people. Thank you for not giving up, but always going on, for your wide view and your wisdom.
Thank you for your motivation, orientation and sharing your vision.
Thank you for your open hearts – you are awesome!
Are YOU also willing to receive the fire of revival, to keep it burning and to pass it on?
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