It’s so awesome to see the kingdom of God revealing itself in our city in power! While attending Awakening Europe in Nuremberg, we caught fire and now we are moving on! Right after this great event a team of the miracle house Wiedenhof came to stay with us for two weeks. We had a fantastic time together filled with deep prayer and worship, heart-to-heart encounters with one another, lots of fun together, relaxing at the Danube River and outreaches in the city during which many people accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. It was so easy – wonderful!

“The Holy Spirit showed me and Paul four young ladies who obviously were making fun of us while worshipping Jesus. We just went over to talk to them. I was amazed and overwhelmed at how hungry and willingly they soaked in the love of God that we shared with them. All four were deeply moved in their hearts and gave their lives to Jesus right there and then. No I am having four new sisters.” Rike

Very naturally people are drawn by worship and the love of Jesus exposed to them!
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