Together with many Christians we are longing for revival and reformation in Austria. We believe that God will release spiritual breakthrough and holy renewal throughout the country and we want to experience it! And we will do everything we can contribute to achieve this goal. With this profound desire in our hearts the Holy Spirit inspired us to go and visit all state capitals of Austria and by means of worship and prayer we want to establish altars of worship wherever we go. Where Jesus is lifted high, he draws people towards himself and the spiritual atmosphere is changing ... AND YOU CAN BE PART OF THIS.

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What are we inviting you to?

We will pray together and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit!
We will proclaim the reign of the kingdom of God!
We will worship Jesus publicly outside no matter the weather!
We will adore the Father wholeheartedly with thanksgiving and worship!
We will proclaim biblical truth!

Of course, we know and are fully aware that there are faithful and obedient churches and intercessors everywhere in Austria who do exactly that in their cities continuously and their service can’t be replaced. We are so grateful for the many prayers and intercessors in our nation, however, in obedience we want to follow an impression of the Holy Spirit.

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When we asked, »God, what is your plan with this?« we sensed that it's so much on Jesus' heart to give an understanding and bring comprehensive revelation of unity into the body of Christ in Austria. He loves when his people come together in one Spirit and therefore we invite everyone who wants to share or support this vision to participate.


So far we have set two dates in August and September and it would be a joy to us if you joined us in worshiping Jesus over Austria. For any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us:
Sunday, August 13 in Innsbruck @ 3:00 PM on the Eduard-Wallnofer-Platz (Holocaust Monument)
Wednesday, September 20 in Eisenstadt @ 3:00 PM at the Gloriette look-out
We would be happy if you joined us and together we'll exalt Jesus over Austria. For any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.
Further worship outreaches are in process and will be announced on our event site.
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