We take any opportunity to celebrate and invite everyone who wants to join us. And we literally have all reason to celebrate ... even more: We are celebrating something wonder-ful and you are warmly invited:

In 2018 we are celebrating our 30th anniversary:
... 30 years of God's faithfulness, divine provision, many healings, deliverance and life-changing decisions of people to follow Jesus.
... 30 year great and fruitful relationships to the body of Christ in Austria.
... 30 years of ministry to God's glory.
All of this and even more we want to celebrate with all friends - and therefore you are all warmly invited!

30 Jahre 08

How it all began

In 1987, Walter Heidenreich was invited by YWAM Austria to minister in an evangelistic crusade in Vienna. On the last day of the crusade, one well-known Austrian Christian leader, Johannes Fichtenbauer, called FCJG prophetically to Vienna: »Come and help us!« This call was supported by another 20 leaders and pastors of different denominations in Vienna and became at the same time a commission. This call didn't trail off unheard. Only about a year later, a team was getting ready in Lüdenscheid for the commission ahead of them and left for Vienna! They were sent from Lüdenscheid to Vienna to exalt Jesus in the city as well as throughout the nation, to advance God's kingdom and to set the captives free. To this day we are determined to fulfill this commission in all faithfulness and with dedication.

30 Jahre 04

The anniversary

We are opening our life-worship-prayer-center on Saturday, June 2, 2018 between 4:00 PM through 10:00 PM for anybody. Together with many guests of honour, friends, former rehab guests and partners who have walked and worked alongside us and still do so we are celebrating this awesome anniversary.

30 Jahre 06

Furthermore, we have invited some very special guest from Germany: Walter Heidenreich as president of HELP International and FCJG Lüdenscheid as well as the international HELP-FCJG leadership, Petra Feddersen and Birgit Janke. They will speak and minister during the anniversary. Furthermore, we are looking forward to welcoming Petra Feddersen & Friends with whom we are creating and experiencing »Tengerin Doo Worship«. This whole day is about the ONE whom we owe everything: Jesus! We are looking forward to great worship times during which we certainly want to thank God for what he is doing and for his faithfulness, but most of all for his name's sake - simply because he IS. He deserves our praise, all worship and honour. His is always worthy to be worshiped.

Please contact us and let us know if you want to come. We are looking forward to seeing you!

30 Jahre 05

Anniversary Outreaches

There is tradition and there is very good tradition: Everything we are doing today started 30 years ago because of an outreach to Vienna ... and God has created something precious and marvelous out of it. Therefore, we are doing evangelistic outreaches in Vienna and its surrounding cities and places on occasion of our 30th anniversary, and we will partner in this with YWAM as well as with local churches.

30 Jahre 07
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