When people are having a true encounter with Jesus, everything changes in their lives - their character, their expression, even their surrounding. The life of Jesus in us in powerful ... and this power is stronger than anything that we may face. Read Edna's story.

Ever since that day Edna encountered the Lord and got saved, many wonderful things began to happen in her life. Just to mention a few: Two of her grandchildren got healed from severe sicknesses as she prayed, prophesied and cried out to the Lord for them. Her husband who saw the big change in her lifestyle and attitude was so amazed that he started to believe and eventually gave his life to Jesus. And they, as a couple experienced supernatural provision as they trusted and prayed to God when they didn't have enough money to buy food and medicine.

Manila 03

Today Edna continues to live with joy and passion for Jesus. Her life is really shinning and many, aside from her family are blessed and encouraged by her example. As you will see in the picture, God has even blessed her financially that she and her husband, Mang Boy, have now started a small retail store selling food and other goods.
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