Summer season in Manila! The Father’s House kids wanted to go camping during their vacation … and surely their wish was answered! Getting up at 3:00 AM in the morning is not so much fun, however, the excitement to experience and discover new things shed a different light on this. Wow – what a view, what a blessing to climb the mountains in the north of the Philippines!

Bergabenteuer 07

So special

We did not only walk and climb the mountain world of the Philippines, but amongst others we also visited a mining company and learned how gold, silver and copper are refined. The mining crew was so very kind and welcomed us. They showed us around and explained everything. Their hospitality and being able to see and experience something like this was so very special for us all.

Bergabenteuer 09

So much and more

Walking on a swaying swing bridge, climbing an 9-km-mountain-range and crossing three summits at 1,846 m above sea level, walking down an 80% scarp, touching fog, watching your own breath, smelling and touching pine trees, collecting and eating wild berries, sleeping in a spacious classroom with lots of space for rolling all across the room as well as camping in a small shack where you have to make sure not to step on anyone, enjoying the wonderful refreshing cold weather, hiking through the so-called salad bowl of the Philippines, diving into the refreshing fresh water pool, encountering new people, listening to unknown dialects and so much more … most of our kids have never seen or experienced anything like that before.

Bergabenteuer 04

We were so excited to see how happy our Father’s House kids took in all they saw and heard without complaining a single time but rather with hearts full of gratitude and joy.

Bergabenteuer 05

Standing in awe

God is simply fantastic and we are standing in awe! He made a way for us to experience this fantastic adventure trip. However, greater and more fantastic than the nature and wonderful surroundings was the fellowship and each and every one of our little company as well as all protection we experienced. Glory and thanks be unto HIM!

Bergabenteuer 03

The mountains declare that HE is LORD.
The valleys declare that HE is LORD.
All nature reflects His glory
Which makes my heart cry out and rejoice
That the LORD, our Creator, HE is God!
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