Jesus ist the same everywhere – so he is in Thailand! Throughout the land which used to be called the graveyard of missionaries, people are open to the gospel and God’s love. Young Thais are open to Western influence as never before. What a wonderful opportunity to lead more and more young people in Bangkok to Jesus.

After having worked over many years mainly among drug addicts in Bangkok, we are going to launch our ministry into a much wider dimension. Our rehab center – the House of Peace – has become a place for many drug addicts and alcoholics where they experienced deliverance and found a home. We are sharing our lives at the rehab similar to an extended family through which our rehab guests find security, protection and release.

Paows Story

Paow’s boss sent him to our rehab, because he became violent and provoked disputes with his colleagues when drunk. At the rehab, Jesus got him by his love, he instilled his desire for comfort and love and showed him how precious he is. Today, Paow is back in his former job and his boss says: “After this one year at the rehab, Paow has become team-minded. He is working more efficiently, and he is concentrated on what he is doing. Thank you, dear staff!”

House of Joy

We want to invest the gift of sharing our lives also with Thai people who are no drug addicts and don’t have such background. Bangkok is full of young people who are hungering for someone to take them by their hand, encourage and foster them. Our present aftercare house will there be re-named into House of Joy. Rolf & Trujit Niederer (leaders of HELP Thailand) have moved into this house and they will start a community and training center where young Thais are offered the opportunity to grow and mature in their walk with Jesus.

Of course, we are continuing with our rehab ministry now headed by Ping & Jane. For many years, Ping was addicted to heroin. He experienced God’s power of deliverance in his own life. For 18 years he has been free of drugs and meanwhile Ping & Jane are a happy family with three children ... and they have a big heart to see more drug addicts becoming free.
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