We are regularly going to Pattaya to pray. We team up in twos or threes and walk the city, stop at certain squares or places and are focussed on what the Holy Spirit is telling us to do. And this leads to very interesting encounters:

Gott laesst nicht los 03

During morning prayers the Holy Spirit spoke to me that I would meet a woman sometime in the day wearing a white t-shirt with hearts on it. Of course, I was really curious to know how that would happen. I kept my eyes open and walked with my prayer partner along the beach. »Did I really hear the Holy Spirit talk to me?«, this thought kept on running through my mind ... and suddenly there she was, a lady in her late 30s. She was one of many waiting for clients. I approached her and told her that God spoke to me to watch out for a womean wearing a white t-shirt with hearts on it. She was shy and also a little embarrassed when she looked down at her t-shirt which read: I fall in love with you. Immediately, I thought that it was a prophetic word, »You are looking for love, don't you?« She nodded. »Jesus wants to be the lover of your sould and he wants to give you true love.« She was visibly moved and told us that as a teenager she was involved in a Christian group. At this point I was absolutely sure that the Holy Spirit let us to her. »Jesus hasn't forgotten about you. He knows you and he still loves you«, I encouraged her. Before turning back to her job, she said that she would love to talk to us again. God is going after her. He is faithful and he never lets us go!
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