„What starts here changes the World“ – says the slogan of the University of Texas in Austin. And I so much desire to see this to happen. Austin shall become a city where young people from many nations gather, get trained and are sent out to take true and remaining transformation into this world.
May I introduce myself? I am Merisha, 25 years old and in January 2014 God spoke to me which led to making a decision to go to Texas. I feel so privileged to continue in Austin what started through a team a couple of years ago.

A Home for God

I am determined: The only thing that works transformation that remains in a person’s life is a one-on-one encounter with the only living God. Therefore this world needs places where the presence of God has highest priority above all else. Austin shall become a place like that.
A place where we are going after the presence of God with everything we have and are!
A place where Jesus alone is the center of everything, and where the foundation for all development is worship and prayer!
A place where we totally depend on the Holy Spirit in how we start, design and close each day!
A place where we totally count on signs and miracles happening today, and where literally everything is possible with God!
A place where every dot of the word of God is our only standard!
A home for God!

A Home for People

In this place, we don’t want to promote any ministry but live together as family, sharing our lives and people shall acknowledge that we belong to Jesus because of the love we have for one another. Furthermore, we want to open our hearts and doors to people from all nations and any walk of life.

Walk in your Destiny

My heart is burning for people to get to know Jesus the way he really is and to live up to their destiny as sons and daughters of God. I am willing to invest my life so that young people experience this; especially those who are facing the shambles of their lives and know God only from hearing – if at all. They shall experience God’s unconditional love and his transforming power and pass it on to others.

We need you!

Throughout the years, God has spoken to many people about this vision in reference to our estate. Right now a team of young people is getting together that is taking hold of exactly these promises and that is willing to go. I will be the first of this team going to Austin. In the first few weeks a team of the GET READY School will support me, and later other people to whom God has spoken to join this vision will come to Texas, too. In order to bring this vision to live we are desperate for friends who are standing with us in prayer and – especially in this pioneering season – also with finances. In order to cover our visa, flights and expenses we need a seed capital of approx. 10,000 EUR. We are so grateful and happy for everyone who is standing with us – in the vision and also by supporting us!
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