Walking alongside Jesus and submitting everything to him is not a one-time experience. It’s a life-long process to get to know him, his grace and love in a deeper and more intimate way. There are moments when God challenges us to take distinct steps, and this could be anywhere. Rico a young man from our community in Germany, spent three months with us in Austin and experienced the following:

Simple Obedience 04

You are my son

»Before I left for the US, God spoke to me about getting baptized again. Actually I got baptized when I was 15, however, I had felt compelled to do it again. Well, you know what it is like ... I forgot about it. When arriving in Texas, God made me to face this issue again and he challenged me to grapple with the baptism. It was the first service I attended in Texas, and it was all about this one topic – baptism. I sensed that it was about time to take this step once more and said YES to God. I wanted to lay down my whole life and my heart before him. I was so desperate for Jesus. So I went into the baptism pool. Shortly after the baptism – I was still standing in the water with my eyes closed – I heard God say: »You are my son, whom I love and whom I have pleasure in!« I received those words and then a good friend who stood at my side prayed these exact words over me, too, thus confirming what God said. I sensed God’s presence and mercy rest upon me in such a strong and mighty way. Thank you, Jesus!«

Simple Obedience 03


God gives us these moments in which he knocks at our heart’s door and challenges us to give everything unto him. Even though it might cost us all and often times clashed with our pride, simple obedience will take us beyond our human limits and draw us deeper into God’s presence. And it’s there that he is waiting with arms wide open to welcome us as his sons and daughters. Isn’t this better and so much more fulfilling than holding on to our own ideas and pride?
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