... crowded streets, deafening music, hundreds of bands hoping to be spotted by any producer, hundreds of thousands of young people from all over the world seeking meaning in life, a 14-day-event of extremes. In March during the »South by Southwest Music Festival« - America’s biggest music and movie festival - Austin was in a state of emergency. What a great chance to take the Gospel where it belongs: to the streets, right where the people are. We were an international mix of people from FCJG's community in Lüdenscheid and leaders from our HELP bases (Vienna, Thailand, Mongolia, the Philippines), and together we went to the streets - in all simplicity but filled with faith and boldness. Once we get moving, wonderful things are happening.

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Grace is a young girl that volunteered at SXSW. She didn’t know Jesus at all. When we started to talk to her, she opened her heart. We explained the meaning of her name and shared our testimonies. She was all alert and listened carefully. Someone had a word of knowledge which fitted her situation. When we asked if she wanted to get to know Jesus, she answered, »YES!« She prayed and for the very first time gave her heart and life to Jesus. What a miracle. Thank you, Jesus!

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The Devil’s Dancefloor

»It all felt like stepping on the devil’s dancefloor. However, it’s so powerful to be light in such places, to worship Jesus, to declare the power of God, and to take a whole city by the Spirit. The darkness is massive, but the light is exceeding more powerful. Every day, people were drawn by the presence of God and experienced the Holy Spirit in different ways. Some got healed, others were delivered. Some gave their lives to Jesus. It was awesome.« (Thomas, Germany)

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Eyes fixed on Jesus

»It was mind-blowing to experience God using me, especially in worship. Despite the things that tried to draw my attention and intimidate me, I learnt to fix my eyes on Jesus and on Jesus alone and to expect him to speak to me. Throughout this outreach I sensed that he was using me so powerfully in the area worship – it was so cool.« (Anna, Germany)

»Though things were wild and tough, I often sensed the sweet presence of Gof and could literally see an open heaven over Austin.« (Trujit, Thailand)

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An Army of Worshippers

»Austin is desperate for an army of worshippers and evangelists who go to the streets, pray for the sick and bless people. This city is at the fringe to a mighty breakthrough, a revival. Now is the time to invest. God wants to do mighty things in Texas! Merisha and her team are radical lovers of Jesus who live to see this vision fulfilled, therefore it’s just right to support this ministry, no matter the effort. I was so encouraged and strengthened by this outreach and I am definitely coming back. This was only the beginning.« (Tom, Mongolia)

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Yes, we believe and are looking forward to the mighty things God is going to do in Austin. Perhaps you are going to be part of it, too!
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