Those words popped up in my head every time we prayed for the coming weeks. With great expectation of how this »Miracle Month« would look like, we did our last preparations for a warm welcome to our guests.

Asian Teenager

And then they came: twelve Chinese children and teenagers from Austin looking forward to experience country life as something special. They came with open hearts and hard-working hands, and the time was full of laughter, playing and deep encounters with each other and God. The time went way too fast as we had to say goodbye again to our new friends.

Miracle March 07a No Compromise 03

And the Holy Spirit

The next team arrived from California to share life with us for one week. Some adults and a few teenagers with half of them of Asian background. Together we tried gardening and got to know a lot about the cactus family and agave. We started the journey to get to know the Holy Spirit better and opened our hearts to Him. What happened next was just the Holy Spirit at His best. Hearts with protective walls and defence got softened through love and acceptance. There was pure and true fellowship instead of carrying masks and hiding. The Holy Spirit connected us to God and to each other. By making room for God’s presence, everyone had their own special encounter.

Miracle March 05a

He is real

We had some precious experiences: »I felt like lifted up«, said J. (14 years). »I felt so much peace.« C. (12 years)
B. saw an angel in front of our Lifehouse and painted a picture about this never-ending love of God. The highlight of the week was activating the impression to wash each other’s feet. Everyone felt the love of God and the presence of the Holy Spirit and we all knew: something special has taken place!

Miracle March 04a Miracle March 03a

He sets us free

Gabi, our visitor for several weeks, wrote: »I wanted God to do something big and spectacular in my life which He did, just in a different way than expected. By the end of my time here, Holy Spirit showed me things in my heart … a lot that took the honor Jesus deserves, because deep inside I wanted to do all in my own strength. With Angelina being my witness and help, I confessed everything to God and asked forgiveness. That was huge! Not because it felt nice, but because it was obedience.«

Miracle March 08a

Human hearts

So many different people, different stories - still God writes them all. Is there anything more precious than a human heart? Are there bigger miracles than human hearts changed by the Holy Spirit? What a privilege, to build a place for young people to get changed forever. As I am thinking about it now, I am reminded that we also received a donation of $ 5,000 this month. Wooow! Thank you for this miracle, Jesus!
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