»Enlarge the place of your tent, and let them stretch out the curtains of your dwellings; do not spare; lenthen your cordes, and strenthen your stakes.« (Isaiah 54:2)

These words are encouraging as well as truly challenging in these days of restrictions. Who would have thought in the beginning of 2020, that a small, barely visible virus would change the course of this world so dramatically? Everywhere we read about the effects and damages of COVID-19. A massive shock went through Christianity when from one day to the other crusades, services, conferences and seminars had to be cancelled. As the global people of God, we have never seen such impact before.

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How about you?

Well, all of us can respond in various ways to this situation.
Either you remain in a state of shock and drown in passivity and desire to go back to how things once were, or you simply arise and move on, empowered by hope and faith and start to develop creativity. If you read the first page of the bible, you find God speaking into the chaos, »Let there be …« - and it was! God’s nature is residing in us. His love and power advance the wonderful Gospel and can’t be stopped by anything. You may stop a program or stop following a ritual, however, you will never be able to stop the Holy Spirit and the body of Christ from moving on. Due to social media, the global body of Christ has gotten together closer. Online conferences and seminars, joint prayer events and living room services on the internet are giving evidence of how diverse, creative and powerful the body of Christ functions throughout this world. Almost daily, national and international prayer and fasting chains are launched with Christians praying and fasting for the salvation of mankind. Many are seeking God and it is so easy to preach and demonstrate the Gospel.

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Our commission remains

Only recently, Walter spoke via video chat to small churches in Nepal and Pakistan. The believers are living under very difficult conditions in these countries, and it was such a joy to be able to encourage and pray for them that way. Nevertheless, nothing compares to having physical events with people! Please continue to pray for the borders to open soon. Unfortunately, we had to cancel ministry trips to Thailand, Myanmar and Nepal. However, shifted is not cancelled, for our commission remains ... no matter what. King Jesus is worthy to be crowned with the harvest. Therefore, we want to encourage you to stretch out the curtains of your dwellings and to take new land. Invest your gifts, faith, prayers and finances to spread the Gospel unto the ends of the earth.

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New YouTube channel

Walter has started a YouTube Channel and is uploading short messages and encouragements (they are all in German and English). Please have a look and pass on the link or individual messages to people that are on your heart. With online preaching, ZOOM and YouTube we are entering into new territory, however, it’s fun to explore and discover its riches.

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We are so grateful and excited about ZOOM, YouTube, Instragram, Facebook, Twitter & Co. ... via these tools we are able to literally reach people almost unlimited. Check it out and if you like, please subscribe to our channel.

Thank you!

Thank you for your love, prayers, support and friendship.
We hope to be able to see and hug you soon. Be blessed and encouraged by this short prayer from Revelations, »Come, Lord Jesus – yes, come soon. Maranatha!«

Walter & Irene Heidenreich
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