Many greetings - this time from Texas. We are staying on our base in Bastrop (close to Austin) and from here we are travelling the state, visit with friends and minister to other ministries and churches. This visit was actually due to take place in December 2021, however, a number of reasons made it necessary to postpone it. We are so glad and happy to be able to visit now.
After this challenging pandemic, travelling is possible again. Of coursre, the conditions vary from nation to nation and culture to culture. In some nations, we encounter very strict restrictions and in other places there seem to be no restrictions at all.


Travelling all over

In the first couple of months this year, we have spent long hours in airports and plans. First Uganda, followed by Nepal, shortly after we went to Thailand and to the Philippines, then to Liverpool (GB) and now we are in Texas. Wherever we go, we find that the people are extremely hungry for fellowship and live events after the sometimes very strict lockdowns in the past two years. Over and over again we see: The kingdom of God is hands-on and rooted in genuine relationships.



»They were continually and faithfully devoting themselves to the instruction of the apostles, and to fellowship, to eating meals together and to prayers.« (Acts 2:42)
With regards to this, the pandemic truly was a general assault on God's people. Apostolic teaching, fellowship, the Lord's supper and praying together cannot and mustn't be laid down or even replaced by technical tools in the long run. We are so grateful that Walter has never travelled alone, but has been accompanied by faithful friends and staff: In Uganda he was with his friend Werner Iding and an extended team, and in Tibet, Bruno Löffel was at this side. In Thailand, we participated as couple in the biannual HELP missions conference to which almost 100 missionaries from HELP International and staff from FCJG gathered. From Thailand we proceeded to the Philippines where we lived on our base in Manila and joined in the 30th anniversary of HELP Philippines. Two highlights were the visit and ministry in a prision in Cainta and a crusade in the slums of Tondo.

Nepal 03

In Liverpool, we enjoyed our time together with Ilona Piras and ministered in a church as well as in a very unique worship service of Iranian believers. When coming back from Texas, there are trips and ministry commitments planned in Vienna, Berlin, Mongolia and California as well as repeated trips to Uganda and Poland.


Thank you!

We are so grateful for your faithful prayers, all financial support and your encouragement. As you know, we are looking for a new ministry car, however, we haven't purchased any yet. On one hand, we still don't have the required amount for such a car and on the other hand, we haven't had time to evaluate the market carefully.

Heidenreichs Penny Lane

We are most grateful that you stand with us so the nations hear, see, feel and taste the gospel. We are praying for you!

With love,

Walter and Irene Heidenreich
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