As for us, we cannot help but speak about what we have seen and heard (Acts 4:20) ... nor in Germany neither in Europe or anywhere else on this huge planet earth. What we have seen and heard as well as experienced with Jesus, who he is and the wonderful plans he has for everybody is a message to be preached to all people. How else should they believe?


For a couple of years we have sensed a new spiritual awakening throughout this land. Churches increasingly grow, new churches spring up all over the land and everywhere we go, doors and hearts are wide open. What joy to see the Holy Spirit confirming God's word in power. In our very first meeting in Thailand there were so many healings. We have photos for you – have a look.
Our FCJG/HELP team in Bangkok is doing a fantastic job working among drug addicts, and they are a big blessing to this Buddhist country. It's so great to travel the country with them. Pray for Awakening Asia! So many people have never heard about Jesus and his awesome resurrection power.

Awakening Europe in Nuremberg

We hope that many of you joined Awakening Europe in Nuremberg. 25,000 mostly young people from all over Europe gathered at the Grundig Stadium to passionately worship Jesus and to be motivated for revival in Europe. Walter was quite busy throughout the event. He spoke to the "Young Leaders", to the "Reformers", in kids' meetings, and on Sunday morning he preached on the main stage.

Saturday afternoon, thousands of the Awakening Europe participant went on outreach to Nuremburg's city to pray, prophecy and share Jesus with people. One night at the stadium, over 2,000 people committed their lives to Jesus. This event meant a highlight to Germany, especially with view to the past years, and hopefully it's a starting signal for a new Jesus movement. Germany and Europe are desperate for revival!

A Global Harvest

We are so thankful towards God and you for enabling us to do our part in bringing in the global harvest. Thank you for all prayers and financial support (a new ministry car is still top priority on our wish list). Together we'll stand to see people getting saved, healed and baptized in the Holy Spirit.
May you all have a great summer season. Enjoy your vacation and be blessed with God's power, provision and protection. Don't forget to register for BURNING HEARTS. On Pentecost 2016 we are celebrating FCJG's 40th anniversary and are going to throw a Holy Spirit event at the biggest hall in Lüdenscheid ... another step towards revival in Germany and Europe.
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