A couple of exciting weeks are laying behind us. Over Pentecost we celebrated the Music & Art Summit and Come to the Light. Immediately after Rome was on our agenda, then Ludwigsburg (south of Germany) and Vienna, where the OPEN HEAVEN Event took place. People from 16 nations gathered at the IHOP Vienna on this occasion ... what a wonderful variety!

Lüdenscheid (Germany)

Over Pentecost, FCJG ran the Music & Art Summit incl. the Come to the Light Worship Night. This weekend was sapped with the presence of God and displayed unity and harmony among the people of God. More than anything we love to experience the presence of God and enjoyed to be part of these great events. Please click here for a wonderful clip that has captured the whole weekend.

Rome (Italy)

Shortly after Pentecost, Walter was went to Rome in order to serve in a Charismatic free church. One highlight for him was an open event in a public park, where the church gathered to simply worship Jesus. One man heard the singing, came by and gave his life to Jesus. That was a new experience for this church. They were so encouraged and since have gone to this park regularly.

Ludwigsburg (south of Germany)

Walter came back just to change suitcases and proceeded to Ludwigsburg (south of Germany) for the Europe Conference. He was one of the guest speakers and witnessed the powerful works the Holy Spirit did among the participants of this conference. There were lots of wonderful healing testimonies.

Vienna (Austria)

Finally, Walter went to Vienna, where HELP International's OPEN HEAVEN conference took place. The participants were so hungry for God's presence and open for encounters with the Holy Spirit. They were hungering for burning hearts to love and serve Jesus as well as the innumerable spiritually hungry and drifting people – inside and outside the church. There were powerful prayer times, which underlined their hearts' desire.
One of Walter's highlights was his ministry commitment at a Charismatic Austrian church – 4 Corners Christian Fellowship. They are a powerful part of God's kingdom in Vienna!
We have compiled a gallery of above outreaches. Furthermore, you may click through the photos of our many trips and watch exciting video clips.

Awakening Europe in Nurmberg (Germany)

Germany, Austria, Italy ... Europe is desperate for a new reformation by the Holy Spirit. Our continent is desperate for revival – more than ever! It's so exciting to see breakups all over. The long drought of the past decade finally seems to be coming to a close. Young people are rising up and take responsibility. They take initiative to boldly live out the Gospel in new ways. They are going out to the streets in order to visibly and tangibly express the kingdom of God to anyone.
We so much enjoy places where the Holy Spirit is welcomed and rejoice to be part of this new breakup in the church. Come and join us at the Grundig Stadium in Nurmberg for Awakening Europe (July 9 – 12. 2015). Together with wonderful men and women of God, Walter will speak at this event, and we will get a taste of revival. Hoping to see you in Nurmberg. Be blessed with a burning heart and with the wonderful fellowship of the Holy Spirit.

Thank you!

Thank you very much for all prayers, help and support. We pray that it is well with you in every aspect of your life. By the way: We are still looking for a new or used ministry car (in good condition). We would be grateful for all financial support in this matter ... and we would be happy to welcome you while travelling Germany and the nations and getting to know you personally on these occasions. Find our itinerary here.
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