The Good News has to be preached to all nations before the end comes. (Mark 13:10) Jesus says: "Go into all the world!"Two months of intense travelling are behind us. It was a laborious, but also wonderful and fruitful time for the kingdom of God ...


In July, Walter travelled for the very first time for ministry commitments to Poland. Teen Challenge had invited him to a tent conference over a couple of days, and he spoke to approx. 300 leaders and staff as well as participants of the rehab programme. So many responded to the alter calls, and once more Walter saw that it's only Jesus who saves, heals, encourages and delivers from any addiction. Several attendees most probably gave their lives for the very first time to Jesus. Teen Challenge is doing a wonderful work in Poland.


Only two days after his return from Poland, Walter went to Africa where he met a completely different setting of people, however, they were as hungry for the word of God. He spoke in different places to various groups of locals. Amongst others, he went to the jungle of the Pemba region – which is mostly Muslim. In the course of the past 12 years, approx. 3,000 new churches were established there. It was a special privilege for Walter to minister alongside Mel Tari from Indonesia and Heidi & Rolland Baker from Mozambique, which makes this visit a forever memory.
Walter encountered high-ranking government officials and even a tribal king, and he preached the word of God in season and out of season. The very last day, 80 people got baptized in the sea ... Please have a look at the photos of this trip in our gallery.


Walter hardly touched German ground, when he took off again – this time he went to South Bulgaria. His visit there emphasized the ministry among gipsy people (called Roma). He was shocked by the sight of the unimaginable poverty and the devastating condition that these people have to bear ... in the midst of Europe. Bulgaria – an EU country having slums, which is dirty, dark and poor, however, at the same time the people are so friendly and affectionate. The Romas came from all over the place to listen to the message of the gospel with open hearts and to dedicate their lives to Jesus. Every time people got healed. A highlight of this trip was a conference at which Walter spoke to approx. 1,600 Christians. It felt like a revival of the first Christians. Altogether a time of harvest and the power of God. Please watch this clip and the photos on our website – awesome!
Thank you to all those who invited us to preach the gospel and thank you to all those who accompanied Walter on these laborious trips: Werner Iding (Foundry) and Thomas Erkens (HELP International). By the way, we will soon release new clips of these trips on our website.

Thank you

This year again we were able to preach the gospel in very special places: in a castle ruin, a cathedral made of meadow, on boats and stages of secular open air events, in the jungle and in poor Muslim villages ... and we are heading for a bunch of more interesting trips. Please check our itinerary.
Thank you, Jesus, for a great harvest! Thank you to all prayers and supporters of our ministry!
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