A life spent on Jesus alone! When Help - I need somebody was first released in the beginning of the 90s, this book became a bestseller in no time. You almost couldn't find a bookstore, a booktable, no library in churches without it. Innumerable gained new hope for their lives when reading what Jesus has done in and through Walter Heidenreich. Thousands got blessed and had a personal encounter with Jesus ... far beyond Germany. Meanwhile this book has been translated into 12 languages - amongst others into such as Urdu, Mongolian and Ancient Mongolian, but also into Russian, English, French, Finnish, etc.
And this is the upgraded issue of the German edition Help - I need somebody ... new colour and an extended content. There is so much more to tell of what Jesus is doing today.
You may order it at the FCJG Shop or purchase it in our worship service or just get it at any booktable when Walter is travelling.

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