When we first stepped on Mongolian soil in 1992, we didn’t have the slightest idea what adventure was awaiting us. A boy came to me one day after our worship service: »God wants us to go to Mongolia.« There he stood, absolutely determined and I didn’t know what to do with Mongolia. Anyway, where is this nation on the map? Well, Mongolia … who knows … Back then we were so busy with the first »March for Jesus« and didn’t have any time to follow up on Mongolia.

Eine Nation fuer Gott 07

A Dream and a Photo

Despite the »March for Jesus« and all busyness – this impression went with me … it even took hold of my dreams: I saw myself preaching to people who looked oriental, however, they were no Chinese. My next encounter was the visit of an Indian missionary to Lüdenscheid. He lived in Hong Kong and wanted to share the latest exiting stories of his mission trips and show me a couple of photos. He was armed with a pile of photo albums (analog gallaries) and entered my office. Bammmmm … the pile fell off the table and one photo was thrown to the other side of the room. I picked it up and didn’t believe what I was seeing: These were the people in my dream! ... »Where is that?« - »Oh, that’s Mongolia.«

Eine Nation fuer Gott 03

Dr. Jesus

After the »March for Jesus«, we packed our suitcases and loaded a 40-ton-truck with relief good and left with a team for Mongolia. The trip was quite an adventure. After an accident, several obstacles and challenges, we finally reached our destiny after two weeks. We found a people stricken in ancestor worship and idolatry and terribly poor. A travel guide wanted to lead us to his tribe – the Tuwin people. Before we could cross the mountain, we were asked to lay stones on a pile to worship the local gods. The team was in shock, »Walter, what shall we do?« Well, how does sensitivity look like in a situation like this … suddenly, I had an idea. »I know the God of all gods. May we worship him here?« - »Yes!« We worshiped Jesus and then crossed the mountain without putting any stone anywhere …

Eine Nation fuer Gott 09

We had reached Bayan Ulgi province and were invited to preach publicly on the Black Market. Right away, healings, signs and miracles started to happen … and as a response, the people surrendered to Jesus. The next day, more people – the sick and weak – came to see Dr. Jesus … All of this just wasn’t arranged for, it simply happened and the kingdom of God spread.

Eine Nation fuer Gott 04

This was the beginning of HELP Mongolia. Today, 25 years later, 1,033 missionaries have gone with us into this nation. We could lead 70,000 people to Jesus and have seen healings, signs and miracles and we have seen people raised from the dead. And you should see the Mongolians worship …


We have recalled all that happened and celebrated the past and the present at Burning Hearts Mongolia (June 20 – 23, 2019).

Do not say, I am too young!

God is so good – he used a boy in order to give us a whole nation in which he has magnified his name since. You can go with us to Mongolia or to other nations.
Do not say, I am too young or I am too old!
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