»Whoever acknowledges me before others, I will also acknowledge before my Father in heaven.« (Matth. 10:32)

March for Jesus

There is a new »March for Jesus« movement rising up. Hundreds, even thousands of Christians have gone to the streets in Lüdenscheid, Dresden, Leipzig and Munich already to acknowledge in unity that Jesus is Lord. With songs and chants they declared before the visible and invisible world the name of Jesus. Further cities in Germany are heading towards doing »Marches for Jesus« or are going to plan for one.

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For many years, Christians in Vienna have gone to the streets, and globally there are nations like the Philippines, Mongolia and the USA busy preparing for huge »Marches for Jesus«. In Brazil, every year millions of Christians flood the streets of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro in order to exalt Jesus publicly.

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Yet another movement that should draw our attention is the global intercession movement among mostly young people. Recently, Walter spoke at UPRISING Europe in Battle (England). Youth from all European nations gathered in a tent to worship Jesus and to pray for the continent of Europe. The Holy Spirit fell upon them and moved in power.

Unity in Europe becomes easy when Jesus is the center. There wasn't any room rassism or exagerated national pride during mutual prayer, but love, preace and the power of God dominated the gathering and released a fresh vision for the future.

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Jesus, King of the Jews

It is a privilege and an honour to love and to serve Jesus Christ, the King of all kings. He is wonderful and unique. He is the head of the body of Christ and he is the King of the Jews. While walking this earth, the religious leaders gave him another and meaningful title: Jesus, the friend of tax collectors and sinners. And that's who he is still today. All over the earth, innumerable give testimony of how gracious and loving this friend came into their lives and transformed them forever. That's why it is so crucial that the name of Jesus becomes known all over this world. There are still so many who are living without this only true friend.

In addition, the Holy Spirit tirelessly is moving about to heal the people of God and to encourage them to humbly and boldy acknowledge the name of Jesus. Publicly - before the people! In September 2019, Walter will go to Nagaland. He is the main speaker in a conference with many young people whom he will encourage to bring n the harvest to honour King Jesus.


Thank you for your faithfulness, your friendship and all prayers as well as all support.
God is with you!
Walter & Irene Heidenreich
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