At the „Mehr“(more)-conference in Augsburg, beginning of January: A noticeable crowd is surrounding our FCGJ information booth, not getting smaller for hours ... What is going on? What are these people waiting for, some for hours? 
Walter, who is one of the main speakers at the conference, has invited everyone to the FCGJ information booth to receive prophetic prayer... And they do come! Within minutes they flock the booth, hungry for more of the Holy Spirit, for personal prophetic words from God, for an encounter with Him!

We feel a little like being at the feeding of the 4,000...or is it 10,000?! “We”, that is a team of five! Some stand in the cue for 2 hours (!) to receive prophetic prayer or just more of the Holy Spirit. Catholics, Pentecostals, experienced Charismatics and those, who have never come into contact with prophecy or tongues: they are all equally hungry and thirsty for a powerful encounter with the Holy Spirit.
Many receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit; start to pray in new tongues. Some experience physical healing, some are being born again. Uncounted prophetic words speak exactly into the situation.

For five hours on end we pray, prophesy, bless and minister to people up to the last person in the cue. The next day things are just the same, the first people coming as early as 8 a.m. to receive prophetic prayer. Again, the cue of those waiting goes on for hours. Each one of our team of 5 has experienced countless amazing things while praying for people. This is a little glimpse shared by Rike, Arion, Sougu, Ela and Désirée:

A few Impressions and Testimonies

Baptism of the Holy Spirit!
“Praying in tongues? No, I haven’t received that yet.” “Would you like to receive it? Here and now?" „I’d love to! I have wanted that for a long time! Do you think, God really wants to give it to me?" Tears are running down her face as I lay hands on this woman from Mexico. She starts to pray in tongues. She has received it as easily and quickly as a child ... and is happy like a child about it!

Encounter with the Holy Spirit!
The young mother I am praying for is having such a deep encounter with God:
After a long time of resting in His presence, she starts crying for joy and relief. She radiates happiness after having received so much hope for her personal situation and for her church.

Deafness Healed!
An elderly man with Catholic background is waiting in the cue. He is deaf on both ears. He had not known that God still works miracles and still heals today; he had never experienced it in his life. I pray for his ears. Suddenly he starts to cry. The power of God is so strongly on him. He is completely healed from his deafness!

Specific Answer!
A young German woman wants prophetic prayer. I don’t know anything about her situation. Although she speaks German, I get the impression I should speak God’s loving encouragement to her in English. Very surprised she looks at me: “I am just pondering the option of doing a year abroad, but wasn’t sure, if I should go to London or America. This is extremely encouraging and a confirmation!”

Praying in Tongues!
A woman from Croatia has received tongues: “It feels as if oil was running down from my forehead over my whole body!”

Deliverance and Healing!
A woman asks for prayer for healing. Her knee is defective and she is in much pain. As I pray for her knee The Holy Spirit comes upon her so strongly, she starts to cry. The Holy Spirit shows me that she has lost her partner lately. Because of that much panic, fear and anxiety has entered her life. As I tell her this she starts to cough and cries even more. She experiences profound deliverance. And as a side effect, her knee is healed too!

Joy in the Holy Spirit!
“Your mouth will praise Him with joy!” I prophesy over an elderly lady. Then she receives tongues. She leaves edified and joyful, although she will have to face a very challenging family situation.

Born Again!
An elderly lady, who has been going to church for years, had never specifically invited Jesus into her life. When I ask her, if she would like to do so, she says yes. After praying together I sense God’s peace coming to her. For a long, long time she just stands there enjoying His presence.

Blind Eyes Healed!
A Catholic man waits in cue for a prophetic word. A woman is leading him, because he only has 5 to 10% eye sight, so he is nearly blind. I pray for him. Suddenly he starts to cry and turn his head. He can dimly see the lights in the hall. I pray again and he is completely healed so that he can read from a small bible. In all his life he had not been able to do that!

Baptism of the Holy Spirit Here and Now!
“So do you have special services for receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit?” “No, you can receive the Holy Spirit right here and now. Do you want to?” “Yeess!!!” Only a few minutes later she speaks in tongues and is so happy, because she has experienced the Holy Spirit so strongly!

“I wish God would show me my calling more clearly.” As I pray for this woman Eph. 3:14 comes to me. “I bow my knees before the Father...” I pray this scripture over her and say: “The more you get to know the Father, the more he will cause you to know yourself. As you bow before Him your calling will become clearer.” Surprised she looks at me: “I have prayed this scripture regularly lately. This is a strong confirmation for me to continue doing that. Thank you so much!”

Born Again and Praying in Tongues!
A woman from Latvia wants to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. While praying, I see in my spirit how a baby is being born and an old person is dying – this is her! She had not known about the baptism of the Holy Spirit before, but now starts to speak in tongues.

A Merciful Heart!
A woman had prayed for a merciful heart in the morning. Without knowing that I sense I should tell her that she has a merciful heart.

Praying in Tongues!
A young woman comes to receive prayer after Walter has invited people over to our booth. She does not really know the Holy Spirit. While we pray she starts to cry in the Spirit, to manifest and then, finally receives a prayer language. She leaves happy and encouraged.

Prophetic Confirmation!
A couple from Chemnitz comes to me for prophetic prayer. They tell me later, that the husband had received the very same prophecy with the same illustration 17 years ago!

Voices from the Team:
My strongest impression was having these many different people coming with one topic being their main concern: How to experience more of God’s Spirit and His power. It really touched my heart to see so many people receive joy, relief, hope, peace, strength and encouragement through the manifest touch of the Holy Spirit. God really has given Water of Life.

For me it was amazing that God enabled me to prophecy over people for 6 hours on end. I was awed by the impact these words had on people’s hearts. They were so touched by God’s words for them. It was very moving for me to witness that.
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