Tengerin Doo

„If you try to hang on to your life, you will lose it.“ (Matthew 16,25)
That’s exactly what this song is all about. God has such wonderful plans for our lives and wants us to be happy, stretch our wings and let out all the good and wonderful gifts, talents and callings he has deposited within us.
“If you give up your life for my sake, you will save (or win) it” – to me that’s worship: To submit my life to Jesus wholeheartedly, to invest it for his glory’s sake and let him be king in my heart, in my decisions and plans! This will release true happiness! He has much better plans than I will ever have.

When I was a child – born and brought up in North Germany – I loved to sing and play my guitar. The more I get to know Jesus, the more I am investing my gift for his name’s sake. No matter where I am, I just want to sing of this love, this awesome Jesus! I want to see Jesus lifted high ... wherever I go. I am so much looking forward to going to Austin (Texas) with HELP International this November and to be able to simply love Jesus and people there.
The Eagle

With reference to Psalm 103 where it says
“Then I feel young and strong again,
just like an eagle”,
this painting is an expression of renewal.

The new day is dawning
And the eagle is getting ready to soar.
He is destined to fly towards the sun
Until he can only be made out as a dark dot
Surrounded by bright rays of light.

Just as the eagle is heading towards the sun,
it is necessary to let go of the old
and being destined towards the final destination
in order to see and experience renewal.

Linde Hals

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