Training in the gifts of the Spirit
Jesus commissioned his disciples: „Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleans lepers, drive out demons. You have received without payment, so give without payment.“ (Matthew 10:8 ISV). In their own strength they were not capable of these things, they needed the Holy Spirit. Jesus’ life showed them how they could work through the gifts of the Holy Spirit just as he had done. Being disciples of Jesus, we have the same commission today. You are called to preach the gospel and demonstrate the kingdom of God through the power of the Holy Spirit. Signs and miracles are meant to flow from your life, so many people can be saved and experience the love and power of God.
Same as the first disciples you need the gifts of the Holy Spirit for that.
Are you ready for that? Are you craving for such a lifestyle? Then the Power Tent is the right place for you. The tent will be there exactly for this: to equip people to minister by the power and gifts of the Holy Spirit.
Our guest speakers at Burning Hearts are men and women of God, who have walked in the power of God and the supernatural dimension for years. They will train you to enter into this lifestyle with the Holy Spirit.
The whole thing will be very down-to-earth: You will discover, which gifts God has given you and how to use them. You can discover new gifts and learn to grow in them. There will be many opportunities for you to put the newly gained knowledge into practice. You will experience God working through you as you step out boldly. You will love it!
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